NASA and Google Purchase Quantum Computer to Replace Humans?

NASA and Google Purchase Quantum Computer to replace humans?
The first ever, 512 cubit quantum computer made by a company called D-Wave has recently been sold. NASA and Google, for about 15 million dollars, have co-purchased the most intelligent computer ever built- so intelligent that some say it could have the capacity to replace humans.  Sounds like a science fiction movie, but this technology can operate in multiple directions and could, as soon as this fall, take over all the analysis for the National Security Agency – headed up by Google.

That’s right, Google is at the front end of the National Security Agency, providing private information from emails, chats and blogs for ‘your safety.’ How could this new super quantum computer take things beyond simple security measures? Experts say the way these computers must be programmed is where we can get into trouble. They aren’t programmed like regular computers, but rather ‘taught’ – as self-learning machines, much like seen on movies like Terminator. Quantum computers are not too unlike children, once they are set into motion and ‘learn’ as they go based on approximately 22 different territories of intelligence.

What does this mean for humanity? With NASA and Google teamed up on this super quantum computer purchase, places where humans are needed now, may not be necessary in the future- such as in space. Quantum computers will be able to make decisions quickly, taking into account all the variables, in a much faster more efficient manner than could any human brain. NASA is looking into their use on future space odysseys.

The question must be asked if those ready to use such intelligent machines have considered all the possibilities of what it may mean to let loose a computer the equivalent of a genius child with no specific morals. Generally, intelligent computers have the role to ‘protect humanity’ and ‘complete missions.’  What if these super smart quantum computers begin to assess the fact that humans are basically killing each other with environmental pollutants and conflicting interests? Would these nearly sentient computers find it in the best interest of humans to take things into their own hands? This could be speculation based on too many movies, or it could be worth taking a look at – as Mike Adams of Natural News has done in this video.

Current computer technology such as is found in your desktop or laptop computer is nothing like the new quantum computer. Quantum computers are built on an entirely different model and utilize parts, such as the niobium chip, which can’t be made or found anywhere save by one single inventor/producer. Here’s another interesting tidbit: the temperatures that must be reached in order to run these quantum computers are lower than anywhere else in the universe by something like 100 times. In other words, the coldest point in the universe exists within these super quantum computers – how does that sound for friendly?

Could the collaboration between Google and NASA to purchase a quantum computer actually result in the replacement of humans one day? Does this super quantum machine have the capacity to become omniscient, sentient and potentially ‘get away’ from humanity? Have we taken all the precautionary measures that should reasonably be considered when approaching such an intelligent project? These are the questions that must be asked by those who can make such important decisions. The real question is – are we ready for such a machine to come on-line? And can we ever go back once it happens?

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: YouTube Skynet; Policymic; Stupidope; Building the First Quantum Computer Video

4 Responses to NASA and Google Purchase Quantum Computer to Replace Humans?

  1. Evgeney Knyazhev June 28, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    actually, such claims have no the least ground: any computing machine has its own set of (dis)advantages, absolutely ideal solution cannot exist. most brain’s mystery is its MSP (mechanism to sync processes). it’s been quite reasonable to guess quantum entanglement is involved to provide brain’s MSP.

    • Ziggy Oh July 31, 2013 at 10:09 am

      I left a comment a month ago.. apparently no reaction, I wonder if they are really read by you, or just stored by the NSA???

      • Stasia Bliss July 31, 2013 at 12:15 pm

        Ziggy, I try and respond to all the comments, though it is a lot to do so. I am not seeing the one you left last month…and I apologize for that. Thank you for reaching out.. Blessings


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