Earth Not Rotating Around the Sun?(video)

Earth Not Rotating Around Sun
In ancient Greece, a ‘modern’ civilization at the time, it was believed the sun rotated around the Earth. This was the accepted and predominant cosmological viewpoint up until the 17th century. Since the time of Keplar, Copernicus and Galileo we have adopted the heliocentric model of astronomy which states that the Earth and surrounding stars and planets revolve around a ‘relatively’ stationary sun. But what if this isn’t true at all? What if the Earth is not rotating around the sun as taught in school? What if instead, the Sun is spiraling through space pulling Earth, it’s stars and surrounding planets with it?

According to physicist Nassim Haramein, this is exactly what is occuring. Rather than rotating around the sun in a fairly ‘flat’ formation, cycling through the same place in space over and over again, Nassim says we are “dragged by the Sun in a Spiral Pattern through the universe & time.” This makes sense when you consider the impossibility of knowing the universe to be stable and constant, in a state of rest. In fact, it’s almost comical to believe that to be so. Einstein explains gravity to be the result of space-time curving.  Nassim takes this further, saying it is not just curving, but curling – creating the source of the spin of all things – like the water going down a drain.

This curling creates a double torus formation around the earth, curving and curling in one direction in the northern hemisphere and the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere – accounting for the opposing spin of hurricanes, toilet bowls flushing and ocean currents.

Apparently there is no empirical evidence stating that the Earth revolves around the sun in the flat, circular way as we have been taught. Haramein speaks of this theory as akin to thinking the Earth is flat. He stirs the question – if the planets continued to come back onto their same paths over and over again – wouldn’t we be receiving the same information over and over again like a broken record?

If you look at the universe in this way – you start to see that all solar motion, galactic motion and universal motion have this dynamic, elliptical, spiraling pull. The planets and the whole galaxy goes from ‘flat’ to spacious and we must begin to consider the universe in an entirely fresh and different way.

If the sun is spiraling through space as Nassim is suggesting, each rotation on the spiral is equal to the equivalent of having traveled 4.7 billion miles through space. This is radical in more ways than one. However, if we are to continue to evolve our perspective of how the universe works, we must be open to continuously dropping the old paradigms in favor of new ones which better serve our expanding awareness.

Nassim Haramein is a pioneer in physics and used to be ridicules for his theories, though now he is being taken seriously -as what he is postulating is becoming evident. Now Haramein is receiving awards for his discoveries, pointing us in the direction of noticing this new science and learning to integrate it as the new expanded perspective of life. It seems that the Earth is in fact not rotating around the sun, but spiraling through space as pulled by the movement of the sun -as it hurls through space-time. What does this mean for us? Well, shift your perspective and find out!

Here is a greatly informative video depicting this new information given by Nassim himself:

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Humans are Free; The Resonance Project; What’s the Real Truth?

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