Buffalo Happy Boston Lost

Stanley Cup

Unlike the National Football League, rivalries in the National Hockey League are alive and well. So, Buffalo is very happy that Boston lost.

There are two things that make people from the city of Buffalo happy. The first is seeing one of their own go on to succeed and do great things. The other is watching a bitter rival go down in flames and misery.

Watching Western New York native Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane go on to win his second Stanley Cup and his first Conn Smythe trophy as Most Valuable Player of the NHL Playoffs was a very sweet moment indeed for all of Buffalo.

Now, I know that some of you are saying that the only reason we’re doing that is because of the fact that we never won anything among the major professional leagues. Well that isn’t the case at all. What people need to understand are the values and beliefs of Buffalo.

Once you understand that you will understand why Buffalo is happy that Boston lost.

Buffalo in history of the United States was a port city for the rest of the country. A blue collar town that featured steel mills and other factories, but Buffalo can be best describe in one word.


We don’t care about strip clubs or a huge night life as Canada is right across the Niagara River and their rules are a lot less stringent. Just like any blue collar worker, what the citizens of Buffalo care for is the future of their children.

We understand that for our children to succeed they need resources in addition to hard work. So, many of our citizens work long hours and overtime to pay the bills, and whatever is left over we set aside for them. That way when they are old enough they have something to help them on their way.

So, a fun night out for the citizens of this city is watching their local sports team kick the snot of rivals like the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Bruins as we understand there is not greater feeling than being rewarded for hard work. Also, there is nothing like taking your kids to game and watch them enjoy their heroes up close and it also serves as good teaching tool as they are completely focused on the game it allows you to make points that will sink in.

So, call it misguided and messed up all you want, but be warned we don’t care. For the citizens of Buffalo are so happy that Boston lost!

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  1. cindy   June 25, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    Don’t you mean that Buffalo is happy that Boston experienced something that Buffalo has yet to NOT experience? Buffalo Sabres are the laughingstock of all New York!


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