Taylor Lautner 5 reasons to cast him in ‘Fast and furious 7’

Taylor Lautner is impeccable

Taylor Lautner Fast and Furious 7
Rumors are swirling, and swerving that Taylor Lautner might be cast inFast and Furious 7‘. Taylor would be a great addition to the cast, he could play Vin Diesel’s younger cousin or maybe some type of villain in order to expand his repertoire. He might be a bit young, but wasn’t the whole cast young when they came out with the first Fast and Furious installment? Do you remember how excited we were to see a movie entirely about fast cars, sexy women, and hot guys? Maybe a new generation will feel the same about Taylor Lautner. We have compiled 5 reasons why he should be cast in ‘Fast and furious 7‘. It would also mean that many women would want to see him in the movie. It would mean attracting a larger demographic, and this would appeal to the head honchos of the production company.

1) Taylor Lautner is impeccable. He has impressive abs, arms, and a cute face which he can change to match the seriousness of the scene. He might have trouble if this would be a comedy. He hasn’t had much comedy training yet so we don’t know for sure how his timing is. (Usually comedy timing is the most important. Taylor could work on that.) However it is a fact that he knows how to handle himself when it comes down to serious action, and dangerous, fast moving scenes.

2) Lautner is young, and could attract a younger public. The cast of Fast and Furious 6 was amazing but could use some young blood. Fast and furious franchise have maintained the original cast, and added a few people. However it would be amazing if they could add Taylor, and really give the franchise a boost that would make the box offices soar even more. This second point of the 5 reasons list” why the producers of Fast and Furious 7 should cast him,” is probably the most convincing and lucrative one. (If seen from the perspective of the producers.)

3)Taylor looks like a young man who really loves to drive fast. He probably has several, super cars in his garage. He could impress many women with this collection, and his driving skills.

4) Lautner deserves another success. It has been a bit quiet around Taylor lately. He did some other movies, but the one that is etched on all our brains is The Twilight series. It’s time to move on from that, and see Lautner as more then a cute werewolf with a serious 6 pack. This fourth point on the 5 reasons to cast him for Fast and Furious 7 list is probably the less convincing one for the public, and the producers. However for Taylor it’s the most convincing one.

5) The public demands to see more of Taylor. The man is inspiring, and just very, very pleasant to look at. He therefore should be able to make more movies, and let the hearts of many women all over the world beat faster.

What reason would you add to our 5 reasons to cast Taylor Lautner in ‘Fast and Furious 7‘. Would you like to see him shirtless for the whole movie? Or should he actually play the villain? Let us know what you think.

By Georgina Pijttersen