World War Z Versus The Walking Dead Zombies

I Know I Would Die 4 Sure

World War Z Versus The Walking Dead Zombies

There has been some speculation on the inter webs the past few weeks. After the premiere of World War Z, and in anticipation of the new season of The Walking Dead, there is one question on every bodies mind: How do the zombies compare?

The best answer comes from this twitter user: “#walkingdead makes me believe that I would b able to survive the zombie apocalypse but after watching #WorldWarZ I know I would die 4 sure.” The user might be referring to the fact that the zombies in World War Z are lightning fast, can climb, and are just really aggressive. The zombies in The Walking Dead are just as deadly but go at a slightly slower pace after your life force.

Brad Pitt also wanted add his two cents:”We’re dealing with a genre that’s been pretty well mined and done really well. We’re not the gore of The Walking Dead. Ours operates more of as a thriller. Ours is really intense.” Many Walking Dead fans might disagree with this statement, and refute the statement by pointing out that The Walking Dead is just as intense. Maybe even more, because you have to be glued to your screen for a whole season worth of episodes, therefore the bond, and intensity will be much stronger than with a movie of a few hours.

Lets start our competition, with zombies of “World War Z

Zombies don’t like to work together. Every walking dead one fends for themselves. However World War Z actually have some working brain cells left, or a ghost form of that, and see the benefit in working together. They create a zombie type pyramid in order to climb over the wall. (They are drawn by the sound of signing, apparently their hearing hasn’t been affected either by their transformation from human to zombie.) As opposed to The Walking Dead zombies.

onto “The Walking Dead” in order to complete our versus list;

Zombies usually don’t attack animals. They like to dine on human flesh, but animals are taken out of the equation. Unlike vampires who need to control their human blood need. Apparently vampires, here’s looking at you Edward Cullen, don’t have any qualms drinking animal blood. However the zombies in The Walking Dead actually surrounded a horse and used the poor animal as an appetizer. This is not like World War Z. In the movie the zombies just stick to humans.

Scott Farrar, the visual effects supervisor, had a few more things to add before we wrap up the “World War Z” versus The Walking Dead zombies comparison: “The single hardest thing about that was just making those piles look right without something going wrong, you’re always battling with what looks good and cool in a movie and still feels real.” He added: “You can look at these shots every day for months and then all of the sudden you’re almost ready to go to final and somebody will spot something that’s wrong in the shot, it’s like Where’s Waldo?”

Scott also wanted fans to know that: “This idea of just stumbling around didn’t make any sense. So we broke with tradition in many ways, we weren’t trying to be like another movie, we were trying to be like, ‘What would be real? What would be the science behind it if this were real?’ They wouldn’t even put their hands out in front of them; they would dive for the prey with the teeth. They just keep going until they get that bite.” Most fans argue that the zombies in World War Z are more flexible, agile and faster but not as gory or suspenseful as the zombies in The Walking Dead. Who do you think should “win” in the World War Z Versus The Walking Dead Zombies competition?


By Georgina Pijttersen