Addicted to Facebook? Try Shock Therapy [Video]

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Two PhD candidates were tired of being addicted to Facebook. They are after all, extremely busy with studying and need less interruptions and more focus. These two scholarly-aimed students decided to create an end to their Facebook distraction. Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff put their collectively intelligent minds together, and devised a novel way to stop wandering minds and mouse clicks. The video at the end of this article, shows how the Pavlov Poke works. It is an accessory for the keyboard, where a user’s wrist rests upon it. Script is inputted for specific sites, say like Facebook; once the user has moved over to that site for a specific amount of time, the system releases a shock to jolt the user back to their studying habits.

On the site created by the budding genius minds, they provide a breakdown of information they used to create the Pavlov Poke. The dynamic dual states the components are simple enough to gather and create:

  • Morris and McDuff opted for a Mac UI Inspector device to monitor the computer usage.
  • A processing code is needed to connect the troublesome site that distracts the wandering mind of many. The code would become activated once the site is visited often or too long.
  • A shock circuit is needed, the PhD candidates refer to purchasing an Arduino, if homemade circuit boards are not possible. The tool connects via USB to any home computer or laptop.
  • Electrodes are also connected on the keypad, to deliver that stunning “I better get back to studying!” shock.

While the two scholars state the device was created in jest, further yet is a truth behind it. PhD candidates spend dozens of hours weekly researching, reading and participating in experiential learning techniques. Both McDuff and Morris admitted to spending over 50 hours a week on Facebook, a testament that is both eye-opening and not surprising. Nearly 50 percent of Facebook users check Facebook upon waking up, prior to brushing their teeth or even leaving their bed. It seems this shock therapy may be a good idea, after all.

Over 1 billion users access Facebook, this is approximately over 8 billion logged hours into the social media giant. The social media circle grows, connections for personal use and business use. Large corporations have joined the Like kingdom, by offering specials and discounts, if consumers like their page. Relationships are created and ruined by Facebook, crime snapped, reported and caught on Facebook. It is a social life of connections and gatherings. While Morris and McDuff claim a fun way to train their mind, further yet is a true connection to a tool like this.

If students, employees, parents and etc. actually stepped away from Facebook more often, what other items on the list can finally be checked off? Certainly, the students may had created the Pavlov Poke in good fun, but shock therapy for the addicted social media mind, may be a key for millions of people. No word yet if the dual plan on streamlining the device. For now, they have stopped using it, but stated it actually did work to trim down their Facebook use. Of course, it is not recommended for anyone to try this method unattended or untrained. Even Morris stated the environment for release should be controlled prior to trying out the method. For now, it is a great contemplation tool for future creators.

Angelina Bouc

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13 Responses to Addicted to Facebook? Try Shock Therapy [Video]

  1. Alexander February 21, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    Facebook Always have the problem, Verify check phone, always update.

  2. Alice Lewis December 3, 2013 at 2:52 am

    Internet addiction and technology overload are real and growing issues. There is a great site called The Unplug Series which aims to help technology addicts, geeks and the overly wired world remember how to ‘really’ connect. I found their new study on “Taking Timeout from Technology” particularly interesting and relevant to this

  3. Andy Sibert October 17, 2013 at 4:46 am

    Facebook is not a problem if it’s used in moderation. People go out of their limits only because of it’s addictive nature.
    Likes, status updates, comments on photos all these add to your Facebook addiction.
    Here service works quite well to break your Facebook addiction.
    Andy Sibert

  4. Prasa August 26, 2013 at 4:48 am

    Why, if a PhD student, a person someone who actually should focus on their studies and if such cannot control their own mind to not to addict kind of this s*, can we expect some genius outcome in future? This is about FB, not an alcohols or drugs which actually a person cannot get out due to chemical consequences. Still the world is full with unnecessary tools and inventions but lack of real needs.


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