Richie Sambora and Bon Jovi in Amicable Divorce?

Richie Sambora and Bon Jovi in Amicable Divorce?

The rumor is out! The supposedly amicable divorce is final and Richie Sambora has left Bon Jovi.

Rumourfix was the first to report the breaking news that after 30-years, lead guitarist Sambora is OUT!

US Weekly confirmed the news, devastating fans around the world that the guitarist was fired from the Bon Jovi World Tour. Phillip Xendia, otherwise known as Phil X, will be Sambora’s replacement.

Why would Bon Jovi nix their all-time great guitarist after successfully playing with the group since 1983?

A source iterated to Daily News Confidenti@l that Sambora was not fired, nor has he left the band. Personal issues are the reason for the guitarist’s absence, but no one is elaborating on what the issues are surrounding Sambora’s departure.

On the other hand, Rumourfix reports that Bon Jovi fired his fellow band member because of money conflicts. On the Calvary tour, Richie took in $2 million a month, including 20 percent profits after each show, wherein Phil X is said to be on the payroll at $10,000 a month. In 2011, Phil X was a stand-in for Sambora when he temporarily left the group to check himself into alcohol rehab.

Fans have mixed opinions about Sambora being replaced, but understand that the show much continue on.

The answer to whether the divorce between Sambora and Bon Jovi is amicable began in Calgary on the morning of Bon Jovi’s gig. That day, Sambora pulled a no-show right before the concert. Or rather, Sambora’s manager called to let Bon Jovi know that the lead guitarist was taking a sabbatical for personal matters. And subsequently, Richie has not played with the band since.

Sitting down with Rock Square, Bon Jovi confirms that he has not seen his band mate since he took the leave of absence from the group. But, insists Sambora’s absence has nothing to do with any bad blood between them or disputes over money, stating that the band would take Richie back in a heartbeat.

During his hiatus from the rock group, Sambora has been spending time with his daughter Ava, 15, who is also the daughter of Heather Locklear Sambora’s former wife. Richie is tweeting pictures of their time together, both of them looking happy and relaxed.

Richie’s recent solo album Aftermath of the Lowdown has also filled his downtime. Interestingly enough, the title of the album could suggest a rift between he and Bon Jovi.

The album’s song, Come Back as Me appears to be a slam directed at Bon Jovi, which Sambora says is a very timely tribute under the current circumstances. The song title notes heavy dissention between the guitarist and Bon Jovi.

Another snag for the group was Bon Jovi’s decision to pull out of the concert at the New York State Fair and instead perform in a fundraiser staged by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Fans were outraged that the group would choose politics over their fan base, who has been supporting the group for 30-years. Bon Jovi has yet to make comment.

As for the guitarist’s departure from the band, Sambora is not taking the split well says one source. Sambora loves what he does and that is playing great guitar. He is distraught over Bon Jovi’s decision. Right now, his primary focus is to get back on stage to do what he loves, and that is to play.

Amicable or not, Bon Jovi’s decision to divorce the relationship with Richie Sambora and marry Phil X is a decision that fans around the world are going to have to face the music.


Written by Lisa Graziano


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3 Responses to "Richie Sambora and Bon Jovi in Amicable Divorce?"

  1. TODD bedusek   July 30, 2015 at 3:39 am

    Yeah it sucks though, I’m hoping he stills reunites with them soon, he Has 2, won’t be the same, bonjovi is rs , tt, db, and of course jbj

  2. Ben Harries   August 26, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    Sambora tweeted that the song was not about Jon and if you read the lyrics its about not having regrets in general. The song is not on Aftermath of the Lowdown.

  3. Dave Nelson   August 25, 2013 at 11:14 am

    “Fans have mixed opinions about Sambora being replaced, but understand that the show much continue on.” I’m guessing you meant “must”.

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