Camilla Parker-Bowles – The Wicked Royal Stepmother

Camilla Parker-Bowles – The Wicked Royal Stepmother

The Royals have everything. Symbolic power over a country, family history over the centuries, wealth, beauty and a wicked Royal Stepmother named Camilla Parker-Bowles.

What set off one of many of the drunken gin-induced stepmother’s tirade was the release of stunning bathing suit photos of Kate Middleton relaxing on the beach topless during a private moment with she and Prince William on their honeymoon.

Camilla Parker-Bowles – The Wicked Royal Stepmother

Although promising to keep her drinking to a social minimum yet racing for the bottle of nerve tonic to calm her rage, Camilla appealed to Royal hubby Prince Charles to use his power and ban Kate’s sexy photos from being published. Camilla’s drunken jealousy could not be squelched.

Not that nudity appeared to be Camilla’s real issue for concern as a magazine last year printed a photo of Camilla blatantly taking it all off for photographers and liking it. A blurred snapshot of her sporting just a towel on top can be seen at the Celeb Dirty Laundry link listed at the bottom of this article.

According to the wicked stepmother, the pictures of Kate, the future queen’s sexy toned body being flaunted in public for all the common people to see is degrading and an embarrassment to the royal family. But the low down truth for the dowdy-looking Camilla’s tantrum is her insane jealousy over Princess Kate’s beauty and her ability to take the spotlight away from Parker-Bowles who is now a crispy-skinned, 65-year-old, senior citizen. But, then again one may possibly find a beautiful picture of Camilla Parker-Bowles in her younger years.

Camilla does not want to the public to compare her dowdy image to that of Kate’s pristine beauty in how a Princess should really look. Remember the story of Cinderella and her wicked stepmother?

Sick and tired of his stepmother’s jealousy against Kate, Prince William even went as far as speaking with the Queen Mother about Camilla’s drunken rages and smears against his Princess. As the Queen Mum thinks the world of her new daughter-in-law Kate, and only shows respect for Camilla in public, Prince William has the Royal Grandmum’s full attention. Camilla was directed during Kate’s pregnancy to stay away from Prince William and his growing family.

Camilla Parker-Bowles – The Wicked Royal Stepmother

This is not the first time the wicked Royal’s jealously has gotten her nose pushed out of joint. Anytime Princess Diana’s name is mentioned, Camilla runs for the liquor cabinet. Her alcoholic indulgence this round is due to Prince William and Princess Kate’s decision to hire Jessie Webb to look after their recent newborn Prince George. Webb was a surrogate mother to both Prince William and Prince Harry and was handpicked years ago by their mother, Princess Diana.

Through the divorce of the Prince’s parents and then the death of Princess Diana, who was killed or some would say murdered in a car accident, Webb was there for the young lads. So it would make sense for Prince William to call Jessie Webb out of retirement to look after their new bundle of joy.

There are those who say it does not take much for Camilla to flip, but hearing the news that Jessie Webb would be caring for the baby prince only fueled more rage into the stepmother’s fire. Camilla raged at Prince Charles that another piece of Diana is being flashed in her face. Diana and now Kate are a firm reminder that Camilla will never have what she has always yearned, and that is to sit on the throne as queen.

The other title Camilla will not bare is being named as godmother to Prince Charles and Kate’s newborn, Prince George Alexander Louis.

The title of godmother is to step in and care for the child upon the death of the parents. This is a great responsibility of trust that neither William nor Kate deems Camilla fit. William actually resents his wicked stepmother for helping destroy the marriage of his mother Princess Diana and father Prince Charles. There is no way the couple would trust Camilla to care of their son. Most likely Kate’s sister Pippa will fulfill the duty of godmother.

Camilla Parker-Bowles – The Wicked Royal Stepmother

Then there is that extra nip of gin that can get Camilla’s words flowing from out her belligerent mouth. Not only has the “wicked witch of the royals” not been deemed queen or godmother to Prince George, Parker-Bowles new tirade is that the new baby is not a Royal at all, but actually a commoner.

In a drunken rant, Camilla stated that Prince George is not truly the child of Prince William. The baby’s father is a sperm donor and that the child is not a legitimate heir to the throne and that no royal blood runs through the young lad. Camilla is demanding a DNA test be done to prove another one of her gin-induced tirades.

Not to say Camilla’s loose lips have gone unnoticed. Rumors are buzzing that Prince Charles has had enough of his Highness the Wicked Witch and is seriously considering divorce. That would make Prince Charles a two-time divorcee.

Prince William also has had enough of his stepmother in that he is making plans on keeping her wicked tongue as far away from his family as possible.

As the title of queen and godmother have been removed from Camilla Parker-Bowles list of want to be’s, playing the part of wicked Royal Stepmother seems to fit her ticket perfectly.

Written By Lisa Graziano 


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