Halle Berry Welcomes Her Son Without a Name

Berry and Martinez
Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez

Saturday morning, October 5th, Halle Berry gave birth to a son, her second child.  Born at Cedar Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, the baby boy is her first child with French actor, Olivier Martinez.  The baby’s name has not been released.  The couple, both 46, said the pregnancy was a surprise but Berry was delighted that her 5 year old daughter, Nahla will have a sibling.

Martinez and Berry met on an idyllic South African beach while shooting the thriller, Dark Tide.  Their relationship moved slowly and steadily.  With media interest growing, Berry finally spoke about the love affair to In Style magazine.  She said of Martinez, “He’s silly, a clown, and very much the life of the party, which is good for someone like me.”

Berry’s daughter, Nahla Ariela Aubrey, also spends time with her father, top earning Canadian model, Gabriel Aubrey.  Aubrey partnered with Halle Berry for five years, until 2010.  Aubrey and Berry endured a vicious custody battle when Berry subsequently partnered with Martinez and wanted to move her home to Paris.  Aubrey successfully petitioned the judge to deny the request in a bid to stay connected with his daughter.  Physical fights subsequently broke out between Aubrey and Martinez and hospitalization as a result of the conflict.  Aubrey was ordered to take anger management classes but a final custody agreement was reached in 2010.

Berry and Martinez were married in a private ceremony at the idyllic Chateau des Conde in Vallery, France on July 13, 2013. Berry was 5 months pregnant and radiant in white lace.  Aubrey agreed his daughter could travel with her mother to France for the wedding.  It was the third marriage for Berry, the first for Martinez.

Halle Berry is a former model and 2001 Oscar winner, for her role in Monster’s Ball.  She went on to win awards for her acting and her beauty and this year landed a Teen Choice Award nomination for Best Movie Actress in a Drama.  The movie was The Call, where she plays a 911 call operator who receives a call from a teenage girl (Abigail Breslin) who has been kidnapped.  The Call was released in February, at around the time Berry became pregnant with her son.

Berry can now afford to spend time with both her children.  Although she started her acting career in 1989 while living in a New York shelter for the homeless, she has achieved dramatic success including lead woman to James Bond in the 2002, Die Another Day and a payout of approximately $12.5 million for her role in CatWoman.  Today she is one of the highest paid women in Hollywood, estimated to earn approximately $10million per movie.

It is unclear whether the couple will spend time in France in the foreseeable future.  Martinez spoke at the Champs-Elyse Film Festival in Paris last week and explained his situation, “My son will be an American but I remain French”.  Martinez now lives with Berry in LA and they appear content to enjoy their Californian lifestyle.  On Friday, one day before giving birth, Halle Berry lunched in dark glasses and flip-flops at the romantic Rivabella Ristorante, while her husband was spotted in West Hollywood on his motorbike.  Only one day later, Saturday October 5th, Halle Berry welcomed her son but so far, he has no name.

By Vicky Judah

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