Republican Party Anarchists: Warren Says so

Elizabeth Warren

Showing she is an independent thinker, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D – MA) has called the Republican Party “Anarchists” and as expected pulled out the “We’re all going to die” card in both a speech in the Senate on Thursday and a statement emailed to supporters Friday morning.

Of course she is referring to the Government shutdown and the fact that there will be a surge in the amount of lead in children’s toys, children won’t be fed, food won’t be inspected and dangerous drugs will be sold by those evil pharmaceutical companies. Yes, Warren uses the same tired old democratic rhetoric to instill fear in all of us, much as she did in her campaign against Scott Brown (R) in 2012.

Could this be why nothing gets done in Washington, because we can’t past using the emotional arguments no matter how ridiculous they might be? Does Warren really think that the drug companies are going to flood the market with unsafe drugs? Does she really think children are going to starve because WIC has no money?

In the speech Warren gave on the Senate floor Thursday, Warren even said “For years now we have heard a small minority rail against the government”. Is she referring to the Democrats who bitterly opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964? She seems to forget that it was the Democrats who filibustered for 535 hours to stop its passage? Or that the leader of the filibuster was Sen. Robert Byrd (D – WV) who by the way was also a member and local leader in the KKK? It seems Warren conveniently forgets things like this, much like she did when she claimed she was a Native American during her campaign, but we’ll forget that.

She also talks about how the “Anarchy Gang”, used three times in her speech, was responsible for shutting down the government. According to Merriam-Webster we learn that anarchy is the absence of government, a state of lawlessness, the complete lack of government and the denial of any authority. Of course she is parroting her leader, Harry Reid, but if she took the time to actually look up the word how are the actions of the Republican Party acts of anarchy? Has anyone called for the “absence of government?” Has anyone called for a “State of lawlessness?” If they had wouldn’t the mainstream media be all over this? Don’t worry Elizabeth, there is still plenty of government out there.

And then there are all those agencies which have been closed and are going to cause children to die. According to a list of agencies which will be affected by the shutdown prepared by CNN, this also isn’t true. You can find a list of relevant agencies below.

Elizabeth Warren and the rest of the Democrat Party love to use fear tactics to get what they want. The government has been shut down for four days and the world has yet to end. If Warren and the rest of her party are so concerned why have they refused to negotiate? Why haven’t they gotten their exalted leader Harry Reid to negotiate? They accuse the Republican Party of acting like “spoiled children” taking their “toys and going home” yet are not they doing the same, saying that they will only accept one solution?

Yes whatever Elizabeth Warren says must be true, like her Native American heritage, her having to elope because she wasn’t allowed to marry a “white man” and her being the first woman to ever argue a case before the Supreme Court (perhaps she meant the first woman without a valid law license)?

List of Agencies Affected:

The Consumer Safety Product Commission: “With 22 workers left, analysis of defective products will continue; recalls still coordinated; imports still monitored.”

Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board: “The board identifies the nature and consequences of potential threats to public health and safety at the Department of Energy’s defense nuclear facilities. Initially, the board will continue full operations, but 100 people would be furloughed in an extended shutdown.”

Department of Transportation: “FAA remains near full functionality (including air traffic controllers and safety responsibilities).”

Environmental Protection Agency: “Some laboratory staff stays on the job, as well as emergency responders (responding to environmental emergencies) and a few other staffers in other divisions.”

National Safety Transportation Board: “Will still investigate major accidents and continue ongoing investigations.”

Commentary by: Paul Roy


Daily Caller