Internet Explorer 11 Inori Aizawa Anime Does Little to Promote Browser

Initial impressions by users

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Microsoft was looking to introduce the 11th update of Internet Explorer. Clad in a barely there skirt and cute booties, anime Inori Aizawa is looking to challenge competitors and rise to the top. Or so, Microsoft is hoping for. The advertisement released by Microsoft did show some pretty kick-ass graphics and the delivery of a stellar female lead, but it did little to promote interest in opening that big, blue e.

Internet Explorer Issues

All it takes is a visit to Google or even Bing to type in the many flaws and issues Internet Explorer has experienced through the years. Chrome has become the main Internet Explorer 11 Inori Aizawa Anime Does Little to Promote Browser champion in the game of browser tools; it’s speed and design is simply awesome. It doesn’t hurt the browser is supported by HTML5 which makes it the browser of today and tomorrow. Microsoft knows IE 10 was riddled with issues and aimed to fix them, but they still remain third in a line of popular browsers.

The glitches stemming from ActiveX, the lack of standards compliance and version inconsistency continue to be a huge pain for many users. Major companies and businesses still depend on Internet Explorer because it is one of the easier browsers to configure when they happen to be on a Windows domain. The predictability factor makes it a winner for companies, but no so much their employees. To boost a level of interest into the browser, Microsoft released version 11 with anime mascot Inori Aizawa, but will that promote the browser? Many users say no.

Social Media Mini Survey on Internet Explorer

Grabbing the video of the latest ad for IE, several individuals were selected from the fun and expansive social media world. The selected individuals were presented with the video from Microsoft, introducing their new adventurous anime character.  Their names have been removed to protect their privacy, but their experience levels noted to determine the level of review.

User 1 – Married mom of 4 boys, graphic designer of New York firm: “No. Failed again. In addition, Microsoft also removed the items that I actually liked from IE 10. The Enable Tabbed Browsing has been eliminated. Let’s hope it will not continue to be glitchy and unresponsive with Flash. I have to use this browser for three clients, so here’s hoping Microsoft got it right. At least my husband liked it.”

User 2 – Single and “kickin’ it” grandma based in North Carolina: “That seems provocative for a browser. I am no fool, may be old but not an old fool! This

Will Inori save the day for Microsoft and IE 11?
Will Inori save the day for Microsoft and IE 11?

borders on drumming up the theory sex sells and guess what I’m not buying it. It appears to be nothing more than a ploy to grab hormonal people into opening the browser. I have Internet Explorer and I use it now, I think it’s version 9. It’s fine but showing some little cartoon character with a mini skirt is not the way for some gals like me to become interested!”

User 3 – College student, Health Major based in California: “Inori is hawt but honestly I would have loved to see Microsoft get a clue and use Cortana from the Halo series. Cortana is super badass and honestly Microsoft could have eclipsed on the success from the game. I will be trying out IE 11, I am just curious now about it. If they have made Inori an assistant to the madness known as IE, I could live with it as a backup browser. Sorry, Microsoft would have to show more than just a pretty face to pull me from Chrome.”

User 4 – Junior student based in Florida: “Inori is mega hot.  I guess the video was cool but maybe toss in some stuff that talks about the browser? I was just kinda confused. Yeah, she had the logo on her butt and I liked her Facebook page but I use Mozilla. My sister said it looked like some hentai porn stuff but she’s stupid anyway. Rumors are going around she may be at the Anime Film Festival, if so yeah Microsoft did good. I’ll use it more.”

Internet Explorer Wrap-Up

Visiting the Facebook page, courtesy of User 4’s info, relayed a powerful messages. People are interested in finding out more about Inori but not necessarily Internet Explorer 11. While the video (seen below) has created interest across cyber space, only time will tell if Inori Aizawa will promote greater interest in IE 11 or just entertain her growing fan-base. With over 20,000 likes on the mascot’s page, it seems to show more interest about a blossoming series and little interest in the actual browser. What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s advertising angle? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Angelina Bouc

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