Antarctica Melting or Not?

antarctica ice melting

We need help, is Antarctica melting or not? We are really confused. First there are news stories it is, then there are stories saying it isn’t. Next we see stories refuting both stories, and then more refuting the refuted stories.  Is “Global Warming”, sorry, “Climate Change”, real or not?

Last week a scientific expedition to Antarctica was interrupted when the research ship investigating why the Antarctic ice is melting became stuck in the ice because of record amounts of ice. All this in the middle of the Antarctic summer when, according to the global warming religious, the ice should be almost non-existent. First the ship was stuck because of global warming and then it wasn’t, we need to make up our collective minds.

And then today we hear the Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica is melting because of “climate change.” While at the same time other mainstream media outlets are reporting global temperatures are cooling, not rising. What’s up with that? Is this the same Antarctica where the ship is stuck or is there another? If the ice in Antarctica is melting, how can this be?

Are we warming or are we cooling? Should we sell the beachfront property because it will be under water soon due to the polar ice caps melting or should we invest in polar bear futures because they may be overpopulated soon? Who are we to believe? What are we to do?

And what about all this brutally cold weather much of the United States is experiencing? Is this caused by “Global Warming” as well? Oops, there we go again, we have to call it “Climate Change” now since evidently we aren’t warming, just experiencing changes in the climate, something which has never happened since the world began. Some years it is going to be cold, some years it is going to be warm, yes it is true. Still, we are constantly warned of all the catastrophic consequences from the rise of global temperatures even though the evidence shows no such thing.

Let’s go back to 2005 when National Geographic magazine predicted a 1° F rise in temperature by 2030.  In 2012, Reuters predicted 100 million people would die by 2030 if we didn’t act now. (Ironically these are the same people who were decrying the fact the world will soon be overpopulated if we didn’t do something in 2012) It was also predicted the ice caps would be completely gone by 2012, since it is now 2013, we can only ask the question: Was the research ship stuck in the ice really stuck somewhere else, perhaps the Amazon?

So we ask again, who should we believe? How can we not be confused? Is there “climate change” or not? Is Antarctica I danger of melting or not? Is there an overpopulation problem or not? Are we running out of Polar Bears or will there be too many? Can somebody please help us learn the truth?

Commentary by a dazed and confused: Paul Roy

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