Blue Monday January 6 the Most Depressing Day of the Year

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Feeling glum this Blue Monday morning? Of course, this is beyond the aspect of the frigid cold hitting a major portion of the Midwest and states along the east coast. January 6 is labeled the most depressing day of the year – it just so happens, it falls on a Monday this year which only continues to make this day of the week, the worst for many.

Researchers review and analyze tweets over the previous three years, which accumulates to an an impressive two million admissions of guilt, higher drinking percentages and the lost of the New Year’s resolution buzz. A study from Divorce Depot shows over 1.8 million couples argue and consider divorce post-holidays. That oh-so-good feeling, basically loses its novelty. If that is not depressing enough, dating sites that promote extra-marital affairs see a rise of over 25 percent of new users.

The psychological woes continue to build on this Blue Monday. Millions of individuals around the country are returning back to work, facing the grim analysis of a full work week. This jolt of being at work resonates for many who start becoming depressed over the amount of money spent over the holidays. January 6 is the most depressing day of the year, because it may also see an end to the novelty of one’s New Year’s resolutions.

If divorce, returned gifts, going back to work and losing the resolve of a resolution is not bad enough – the weather can certainly add glum to the day. Millions of residents across the country are seeing arctic temperatures dipping into the arena of -15 below zero and some states reporting as low as -40 below zero. The concept of this Blue Monday is becoming more believable to those facing the frigid weather as they head back to work.

Cliff Arnall, a former tutor for Cardiff University dubbed the depressing day phrase in 2005. Many experts in the science community, including¬†Dean Burnett, a neuroscientist who also formerly worked at Cardiff University, called Arnall’s formula pure nonsense. It seems mood experts agree with Arnall and have continued to formulate their analysis on an annual basis. Many also attribute the concept of Blue Monday from the airline Sky Travel who used it in previous advertising publications.

While many may refute the findings from mood experts, there is certainly some truth to this study for the millions who already groan on Monday mornings. Legal experts have also offered their analysis of January 6 by calling it Divorce Monday. Charity Relate states it is the busiest time of the year for counselors to be contacted to save a marriage or another relationship.

Prior to losing one’s temper or feeling horribly frustrated, keep this date in mind, take a deep breath and proceed to the next level of calm. Avoid over-consumption of alcohol as well, as January 6 peaks as one the highest days of drinking. It seems to be a mixed bag of trouble, issues and depression.

To appease the weary Blue Monday participants, look forward to the happiest days of the years. Mood experts state Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day and the first day of summer brings smiles and happiness increases. As the snow piles on the ground and this Blue Monday starts and slowly comes to an end, be sure to increase serotonin levels by getting in a great workout or enveloping in a hobby that brings laughs and smiles. January 6, today known as Blue Monday, is the most depressing day of the year. Handling it well? Have advice to share? Note in the comments.


Angelina Bouc

The Herald