Cameron Diaz Shares Personal Beauty Thoughts in New Book

Cameron DiazCameron Diaz is a beautiful woman, so who better than her to get beauty tips from? She’s made it easy too. Diaz has recently shared her personal beauty thoughts and tips in her new book, The Body Book. Some people may be surprised at the type of thoughts, tips and preferences she has, too!

It’s more than just a weight loss or traditional beauty book. It is designed to help women love their own bodies, for all their strengths and weaknesses. Part of it is dedicated to her own struggle with acne and how she dealt with it. In an interview with Us Weekly, she explained that looking back she never needed all the creams and prescription medications. It was more important to “listen to her body” and focus on loving herself for who she was at the time.

The 41-year-old actress is no stranger to taking care of her body now. On January 3, she was up early for a morning hike. Exercise is an important part of a healthy body, helping with weight loss and general improvement of health.

As part of her new book, the 41-year-old actress dedicates a chapter to pubic hair. She talks about how permanent hair removal around that area is “crazy” and something she just does not understand. In her new book, Diaz likens it to fashion and current fads as a way to share her personal beauty thoughts. While it seems like something is good right now, it may not be in a few years time. She explains that people think they will wear the same jeans for their whole life, but this never happens. Fads change, and the preference over hair is likely to change as someone gets older.

In the In Praise of Pubes chapter, the Charlie’s Angels actress explains how the permanent removal of hair around this area is still a relatively new thing. Something for women to consider is how the body changes with age, especially when gravity causes a problem.

Diaz shared the arrival of her book with her fans on Twitter. She posted a photo of herself holding the book and proved that she loves her body by not wearing any makeup. And she still looks amazingly beautiful. As part of the tweet, she informed her followers that it was now available for pre-order and that it was written specifically for all women around the world.

The Body Book involves no medical advice. It is based on holistic remedies and making choices for a long-term goal of loving the body. There are chapters dedicated to healthier and happier living, along with improving longevity and strength. The whole book is based on the Bad Teacher star’s experiences as she searched for healthier ways to live and ways to love her body. Some of Diaz’s new book talks about nutrition and myths surrounding food, while in other parts she shares her personal beauty thoughts. Published by Harper Collins, the book is available on various websites, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble, for pre-ordering.

By Alexandria Ingham


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