Crucifying President Jacob Zuma


South Africa – President Jacob Zuma is being crucified for a paltry ZAR200 million, which equals to an estimate of $20 million. Agreed it is the principle at stake here, but principles do not pay the bills.

Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma

The downfall of President Jacob Zuma is that loyalty alone is not enough. Zuma’s advisors, of which there are plenty, should understand the context in which they operate. His ministers are being misled by their officials as these officials use their Minister’s foibles to make them tow the line and to garner what they want. As a young democracy, such poisonous DNA in the civil service cannot be tolerated.

A strong foreign influence has a profound effect on the Zuma government and the public should not forget that. There are numerous foreign entities which have called in favors of each government since the end of apartheid. Money is a strategically strong motivation for getting past the bureaucracy of government red tape.

Although President Zuma is a member of the “house of the Black Princes,” he will eventually become a liability to them, and this is the real threat.

Being the President of South Africa has brought a lot of criticism to Jacob Zuma regarding the governance of the country. It is a sad fact that there are many government departments that have failed miserably with service deliveries to the poor, uneducated, elderly and unemployed citizens of the country.

Thabo Mbeki
Thabo Mbeki

The failure to deliver a sound and workable solution is not a Zuma problem, but rather a Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki issue. Mandela was given a functioning structure to govern, and it was during his rule the infrastructure slowly began to decline. Thabo Mbeke in his haste crippled the civil service and problems escalated to unmanageable proportions. Officials and politicians were overpaid, underworked and totally useless. Yet they all took this opportunity to enrich their lives at the expense of the tax payers. Zuma inherited a disaster.

President Jacob Zuma is not a saint and does fall into the corruption factor. It is the revelation of his corruption and evil deeds that mask the media with interest and cast a distinct hatred toward him.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela

He was part of the Mandela leadership and part of the system that saw the begging bowl reeling its way around the world. He was part of the enormous wealth that was available, and allowed to dip into this never ending source of income whenever he wanted to. The technique was not to get caught doing so. When funds were misappropriated, a reason had to be fabricated, and the government had to ensure that the elite group of members all had a chance to clear the income bowl.  This would ensure that there could be no manipulation and plotting from within the walls of the corrupt government.

The problem within the walls of the corrupt government is that there are people who want more; they want the power, and the control, and will try and capture this through scheming methods. One of the processes is to crucify President Jacob  Zuma and undermine his  control, having him removed as the president of the country and of the African National Congress (ANC). There is a select group of collaborators who want the power and will use unethical means to discredit Zuma.

A division undermining his position is ensuring that every move he does is spread through the media. This attack has intensified over the past year, and certain events, which should never have been given to the media, were leaked by the team of Zuma attackers. The Nkandla scandal was a top secret event and this escaped from the forbidden files, leaving serious consequences for the Zuma advisors. The Zulu nation is a formidable culture and upsetting their tradition could lead to serious implications.

Serving the interests of the country should be the top priority and Zuma has done an excellent job in some of the departments; therefore, credit must be shown. The implementation of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grants and the overall structure of this benefit for the needy, the elderly, the disabled, and children has proven to be a remarkable contribution to the developing democracy. This is one of the instances that prove the Zuma government can do it right. Crucifying President Jacob Zuma should be stopped.

Editorial By Laura Oneale


Guardian Liberty Voice