Global Warming Has Top Six Offenders

global warming

It is not a natural inclination to be listed on an offenders list, but unfortunately the top six countries in the world are responsible for global warming issues. Society is divided and continue to debate the true source of global warming. Most people believe global warming is the result of human-made pollution into the atmosphere. Other people disagree stating global warming is not real and is a make-believe phenomena. According to experts, the seven countries held accountable for global warming concerns are the U.S., China, Russia, Brazil, India, and the U.K.

  • United States. Experts state the U.S. is “responsible for 22 percent of the 0.7 degrees Celsius warming.” This means the U.S. is the largest contributor to pollution. The main sources of pollution are from power plants burning coal and vehicles burning gasoline. In 2010, the National Academy of Science urged the U.S. to reduce radiation of gases. The longer the nation waits to resolve the problem, “the harder and more expensive it will likely be to reach any given emissions target.”
  • China. The developing nation has joined ranks with the U.S. as accounting for at least eight percent of emissions. Pollution in China has caused unusual changes in climate. For example China is experiencing more droughts, typhoons arriving earlier and wetlands drying up faster. According to reports the drastic shift in climate change is affecting China’s food, water and energy surety.
  • Russia. Next on the list of top six offenders for global warming is Russia. Experts say the temperature has increased by 0.4 degrees for the last 40 years. They also suggest that changes in the climate system is very likely caused by humans. Russia has experienced radical transitions with warmer weather and low amounts of warming
  • Brazil. Brazil has experienced extreme climate changes over the last ten years. In 2005, a drought affected the Amazon, which resulted a state of emergency. In 2010, a dry spell battered the world’s largest rain forest. However, the worse is far from over. Researchers say the extreme rain storms and droughts will only intensify throughout this century. A rise in sea level will also occur.
  • India. India has accounted for a 5 percent increase in global warming. Experts predict the sea level surrounding India will rise from 0.45 to 0.82 meters by the end of the twenty-first century. Researchers also predict the temperature will rise to 4 degrees Celsius by the year 2100. Recent studies have found that India’s livestock, such as cows and goats, also contribute to global warming in the country. According to researchers, when livestock burp, belch and excrete ample amounts of methane they add to global warming more than gasoline vehicles.
  • United Kingdom. One of the biggest concerns for the U.K. is the rise in sea level. Experts predict the rise in sea level will be caused by melting glaciers surrounding the country. As a result, coastal damages can devastate the residents. There have been reports of the southern region of the U.K. is almost sinking while the northern part is rising.

Though Germany is also listed as a top offender of global warming, reports state that climate change in the country has plateaued. According to climatologists, the climate in Germany has not changed in 15 years. Researchers say one possibility for this is because the Pacific Ocean has absorbed much heat from the Earth’s atmosphere. The top six offenders of global warming have a chance to reduce emission and pollution because it is affecting the Earth’s atmosphere.

By Bridget Cunningham

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