The Boeremag a Phantom Threat to South Africa Continued

Boeremag Trial South Africa

The Boeremag history and litigation have received extensive media coverage and this phantom threat to South Africa continues to unravel untold truths. The Boeremag trial is one of the longest trials in the history of South Africa. Nine years of grueling testimony ended with harsh sentences given to the accused twenty men. This case clearly shows the failing democracy of the country and points to one-sided domination.

The Afrikaner people of South Africa have played an pivotal role in building a suitable structure and foundation for a solid country. This minority group is certainly not without faults and to create a blame game would show the pettiness of the failing democracy.

Can the world actually believe that twenty men had enough ammunition and power to overthrow a government? The conspiracy and underhanded tactics used to frame these men are traced to the Crime intelligence unit of the South African Police. Manipulation and control of government officials orchestrating what would seem to the world a crime to discriminate the Afrikaner and show how in control the new democratic government was. A power play to illustrate the new black government had succeeded in proving that they are the dominating player in the South African politics. The majority of people would think the new government had the integrity to govern and protect the underprivileged population. Secure in the knowledge that there was a show of strength by framing innocent people for the sake of popularity.

The Truth and Reconciliation presented an opportunity to receive forgiveness of past political terrorist activities with the purpose of uniting the racial divide among the people of South Africa. The reality of this is that many were forgiven and could participate as part of the new democracy. There are many instances where people who had received amnesty did go on and create a beneficial impact on the social and political climate. Showing the spirit of forgiveness can truly make a difference. There are others who took this opportunity to start over and execute even worse crimes than before. The injustices caused in the new democracy were not only humiliating but also condoned as an act of bullish selfishness. The continuation of portraying the Boeremag as a terrorist group of people whom where hell-bent on killing black people and overthrow the new government is absurd. Their interest in this mess was merely to have a portion of this country they could control. Taking into account the aggressive manipulation to undermine this culture and demarcated areas within the country to ensure that the Afrikaner does not have the opportunity to control.

Diminish the power, the Afrikaner had and ensure that this dominant group of people no longer remains a threat to the majority. The Boeremag members had only killed one person and giving the circumstances this should have been a culpable homicide charge. But the infamous “document 12” that defines the entire case brought about treason charges.

In the event that this trial took so long to finalize, there must have been confusion and piles of paperwork to wade through. Had the trial taken a year or shorter to finish then the end verdict might have produced a different result. Similar when trials for severe offenses, murder or rape take the justice system six months to finalize and in most cases sentence of imprisonment for ten to fifteen years are handed down. The harsh sentence given to the Boeremag members was in itself tough and unreasonable, given that only one person died.

Amnesty and no regard for the innocent people killed in bomb blasts around the country ordained by Nelson Mandela have caused a sensation like the Boeremag trial. What was the reason for this harsh reaction from the justice system? In South Africa, there are the radical political parties who will try and destabilize the government. Prior 1994 the African National Party (ANC) had plans to cripple the Afrikaans government and claimed responsibility for numerous bomb blasts that killed innocent people. The members of this organization gained amnesty during the TRC commission. Yet many Afrikaners were scoffed from being allowed amnesty.

This is discrimination of the worst nature against innocent people. Why would highly educated people want to create rebellion and throw away their lives? How could twenty men with not enough ammo overthrow a government? The idea is ludicrous. The purpose insane and no doubt flawed with lies and cover ups for the sake of inventing a sensation. A sensation of fooling millions of people that the powerful ANC has it all under control. Do they have it under control or will the cracks begin to swell as the truth trickles into society. The Boeremag was a sensational setup by undercover government officials who had no choice to conform to the whims of the monopoly players or face the reality of exposure for the crimes they committed. Many agents in the police force who were part of the set up of the Boeremag were either bribed or forced to cooperate. What about the members of the police force who trained the Boeremag and scripted Document 12 outlining the entire strategy of this case?Was it a case of control by implicating these police officers in criminal events that caused them to comply with the horror request of the Boeremag or face the reality of been brought to book. The protection offered to members of the SAP is indeed shocking as is the massive amounts of money used in operations of this magnitude.

The Boeremag is a strategic plan to prove how powerful the government are and how corruption from the start of democracy has reared its ugly head. South Africa has become a gigantic dumping ground for criminal elements to breed and turn a once beautiful country into a fearful chaotic state. This is the country where money rules and laws exist to protect the elite members of an inner circle only.

Can the truth of why the Boeremag was formed and the reason for this madness be told. Yes, there is somewhere in the midst of all the lies and deceit a glowing flicker of truth waiting to shine as a beacon of light. The truth is all that really matters, it’s not the justice system or the government departments that need to speak up, they have told their story. It’s story by the ordinary people who have for years been suppressed from telling the truth. Prominent members of society who have adversely been affected from the reality of the Boeremag trial are now willing to tell their story. People who have nothing but the truth to tell, but will it make a difference in this corrupt society of South Africa. The effect of honoring the truth would have a detrimental effect on the government and justice system. The truth if recognized will call for a mistrial and the unfairly imprisoned members of the Boeremag would demand a hefty compensation from the government.

The Boeremag is a phantom threat to the country of South Africa set up by unscrupulous members of the government. Set up for the purpose of misleading the majority of people by proving to them that the once supreme Afrikaner is dead.

By Laura Oneale


Guardian LV



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  1. Peter Pan   January 25, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    Young South Africans went to the Border to defend their families. They had the their feet and legs blown off with landmines. No gratitude is shown to them by those who they defended.
    I find it insulting to down grade, even the Boere Mag.

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