Zombie Apocalypse No Longer Just a Screenplay

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie apocalypse is not longer just movie-material, but also a source of inspiration for the fashion industry. After Rick Owens, Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld took the catwalk by storm with an epidemic taste for a zombie takeover, other brands like ASOS, Byredo and Urban Decay are a clear sign that fashion shows are made after a screenplay worthy of an Oscar.

Spring 2014 makes way for an apocalyptic trend and the designer who rocks the boat of normality is none other than Marc Jacobs. New York Fashion Week becomes the birthplace of a new era in which survivors are set to annihilate the zombies in heavy military jackets. The scenario goes like this: a deserted beach, old trashy paperbacks, empty Jack Daniels bottles, scads of cigarette butts and crumpled copies of Vogue. The “Jaws” music theme sets the tone for an apocalyptic landscape and gives attendants goosebumps as the electronic music becomes more intense. Survivors with bleached blonde bobs step on the catwalk wearing heavy military jackets and dark sweaters matched with shorts and black dresses with helms that portray humans’ inner warriors.

This figurative zombie takeover is applauded by the majority of fashion gurus, who try to satisfy the tastes of those expecting the zombie apocalypse anytime soon. For designers, this is no longer just a screenplay; zombie apocalypse is literally among people, raiding their closets.

Rick Owens is the fashion guru who set the tone in fall 2010-2011, when he revealed the menswear collection of post-apocalyptic fashion that consisted of grey and white items; according to the designer’s scenario, contamination won’t allow the sunrays to warm people’s cheeks, so the world immerses itself into the darkness. Karl Lagerfeld is another designer who believes that chromatic clothes will disappear, so he also focuses on a dark and dramatic look which blends in the ghostly background.

The word ‘banal’ has been casted away and replaced by an evident zombie apocalypse. ASOS called its new line of Chelsea boots the Apocalypse range which features lick leather and three-inch heels to destroy the radioactive mutants while Byredo came up with a scented Apocalyptic candle named “Fire Iron”. Urban Decay completes the look with a blood-red Apocalypse gloss which transforms every woman into a fashionable fighter.

Sodom and Gomorrah Decadent Style

Fashion lives even in a world dominated by fear and deserted cities and the prize for the most realistic screenplay goes to Marc Jacobs and Daniel Ashram who show the world a glimpse of how the future looks like. Jewelry made of metal, the demise of colors and the darkest scenario create the perfect environment for a spine-tingling fashion trend.

Zombie apocalypse is no longer just screenplay material; it has become part of the culture, future and closets and spring 2014 is a clear sign that fashion gurus have chosen to explore people’s darkest fears. Movies have come to life and people’s looks have been altered to fit into the gloomy scenario. The future has been fast-forwarded in order to feed people’s needs and expectations. Catwalks are preparing the world for a possible cataclysm and send a strong message: when all fades, fashion lives.

By Gabriela Motroc

The New York Times

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