Charlie Sheen Renews Feud With Ashton Kutcher

Charlie Sheen Renews Feud With Ashton Kutcher

The Charlie Sheen Ashton Kutcher feud continues on, unabated, despite a brief lull in the antagonisms when Sheen appeared to offer a few words of apology in a tweet on Wednesday. But, that was before Sheen must have really thought over what Ashton said on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. When he did, and responded, the feud was back on again.

Charlie Sheen had made it a practice to tweet various critical remarks regarding Ashton Kutcher, who took over his job on the hit TV series Two and a Half Men and has become the highest paid TV actor, as Sheen was when he was on the series.

Among other comments, Charlie Sheen, 48, has called Kutcher a “lame sidekick” in past tweets. Sheen has also tweeted about what he considers to be Kutcher’s lack of talent.

When Ashton Kutcher, 35, who fairly recently became engaged to Mila Kunis, was on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on Wednesday night, he took that chance to respond to Sheen’s insulting tweets about him.

Ashton told Sheen to “shut the f–k up” and said that it’s been three years since he took over the job when Sheen got fired from the show, and yet, Kutcher complained, “you’re still blowing me up on Twitter.”

Last month, Charlie Sheen had given Kutcher a very back-handed sort of apology on Twitter, He first called Kutcher “bro” and wrote that he was sorry, and it’s “all good.” but then, Sheen wrote “now quit barfing on my old brilliant show.” He signed the tweet “c harp,” a reference to Charlie Harper, the character he played on the series.

After he heard what Ashton said on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Charlie Sheen first said that he was “sorry” that Ashton had sounded like him. Sheen said that the message was “received.” Sheen added that it was “my bad” for being “pissed at other crap” and that he “took it out” on Ashton.

After Charlie Sheen thought about the actual words Kutcher had chosen to use, and probably stewed about it for a couple of hours, Sheen was back to being pissed off at Ashton all over again.

Charlie Sheen must have had tie to get his “tiger blood” flowing through his veins again, because he tweeted that if Kutcher ever told him to “shut the f–k up” again, he would put Kutcher “on a hospital diet for a year.”

Ashton Kutcher has yet to make a response, if he ever will. It might be best if he just let sleeping dogs lie, and try to ignore any future derogatory remarks that Sheen might chose to make.

Some bad blood definitely still exists between Charlie Sheen and his old TV network, CBS. Sheen would likely have taken out his anger at CBS and the people behind his getting fired on whoever replaced him; it just happened to be that Ashton Kutcher was the lucky one to both land the role and also incur Sheen’s wrath.

Kutcher might have thought that going public with his displeasure at Sheen’s tweets and rants might shame Sheen into finally stopping the feud, but when Kutcher used profanity and also told Sheen to “shut up,” that just was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Rather than to show to Sheen that he was the bigger man, Kutcher’s remarks inflamed the star of the cable series Anger Management.

Ashton Kutcher’s colorful plea to Charlie Sheen came after Jimmy Kimmel egged him on somewhat by asking Kutcher if everyone who was Two and a Half Men thanked Kutcher for being himself, and “not being Charlie.” At first, Kutcher answered that he was attempting to “edge in that direction.”

But Ashton Kutcher saw the opportunity to respond to Charlie Sheen’s derogatory tweets. He seemed to be saying that Charlie Sheen should just get over the fact that he lost his job on the hit series. After Charlie Sheen gave it some thought, the opposite happened — Sheen focused on the initial words that Ashton used, and he angrily responded with the previously mentioned tweet about putting Kutcher into the hospital.

Who will make the next move in the feud, Ashton Kutcher of Charlie Sheen? Or, do you think that the recommencement of the feud will end before it barely has begun, with an apology from one side or the other? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb