Demi Lovato Stands by Selena Gomez and Her Attempt to Get over Justin Bieber

Demi Lovato Stands by Selena Gomez and Her Attempt to Get over Justin Bieber

Recording artist and actress Demi Lovato has gone on record saying that she is standing by her BFF Selena Gomez and her attempt to get over Justin Bieber. The former Barney and Camp Rock performer is well known for her support of gay rights and her philanthropic philosophy. Like Taylor Swift, Lovato gives generously to various charities. The 21 year-old entertainer is also well known for her Christian beliefs and her “spirituality.”

It is these qualities that enable Demi to actively support her friends and Gomez is one of her two BFF’s, Taylor Swift being the other point of this friendship triangle. Lovato, who just recently left the X Factor as a judge to focus on her career, tweeted her support of Gomez’s decision to voluntarily enter rehab in The Meadows. The Arizona rehab center deals specifically with younger people’s problems with substance abuse and trauma.

Although the 21 year-old singer entered the facility on January 5, 2014 she checked herself out after only 14 days of the six week course. Selena has said that she only really needed the first portion of the rehab which is known as survivor’s week. While many celebrity websites reported that Gomez had checked herself in because of alcohol, weed and Ambien abuse. It was also reported that the folks who support the performer urged the Come & Get It singer to use the rehab center as a way to get over her relationship with Bieber.

Demi Lovato, who is just as well known for standing by her friends, has supported Selena Gomez in her attempt to get over Justin Bieber. On the day that the news of Selena’s entering the rehab center and her early departure became public, Demi tweeted about her friends efforts to sort herself out. Lovato’s verified Twitter account @ddlovato contained a motivating message. Her tweet said that weakness is denial and that only the strong ask for help.

while Gomez may have left the rehab center after only two weeks, the performer looked healthy and happy when she turned up at the Sundance Film Festival to do promotional duties for her soon to be released film Rudderless. Selena was photographed with her two co-stars William H. Macy and Billy Crudup. On top of looking great while at the festival, Gomez also posted an Instagram video of herself working out some moves in a dance studio.

According to sources, Gomez decided to enter rehab after seeing pictures of Bieber and her riding Segways together. The photographs of the two of them spurred the young entertainer to seek help and it was these pictures that motivated her decision and not the abusive and nasty texts allegedly sent by the 19 year-old Canadian pop star. It is also said to be the first time that Selena has realized that she needed help to move on from her “damaging” relationship with the bad boy singer on February 5.

Demi Lovato has not spoken of the fact that Selena Gomez left the rehab facility early. Lovato did show her support by standing by her BFF in her attempt to get over Justin Bieber. Gomez is lucky to have such a good friend in both Lovato and Taylor Swift, her other BFF. If the Slow Down ever needs any further support she can, most likely, count on both of her friends to help out.

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