Selena Gomez Dumps Rehab Like Justin Bieber Dumped Her

Selena Gomez Dumps Rehab Like Justin Bieber Dumped Her

Last year Selena Gomez let the world know that she was taking a little “me” time she followed that up by heading into rehab which she left after just 14 days; dumping rehab just like Justin Bieber dumped her. In 2013 when the 21 year-old singer/actress spoke of her having a break from her busy schedule, Selena made it sound as though she was doing it to keep from misusing substances well known to exit in the world of entertainment.

TMZ reports that the Come & Get It singer checked into The Meadows a drug and alcohol rehab center in Arizona that also specializes in dealing with emotional trauma. Reasons for the young singer checking herself into rehab vary. Some say that Gomez wanted help with problems she had with alcohol, weed and the prescription drug Ambien; which is used for sleeping disorders.

Other publications insist that Selena was having difficulty in accepting that Justin Bieber not only lied to her, but, he dumped her; just as she dumped her rehab after just two weeks into the six week course. Some of the confusion about just why Gomez went into the Arizona rehab center could stem from the singer’s rep saying that she was not in treatment for “substance abuse.”

According to other websites, the Slow Down performer needed help to get over, or away, from her “unhealthy” relationship with Bieber. The 19 year-old Canadian pop star, who is currently in big trouble with the law in two countries, had his house searched by police earlier in connection with a felony charge of vandalism. The Calabasas cops got a warrant and searched Bieber’s home.

While law enforcement officials did not find any egg related evidence, they did find a bowl of powdered drugs and confiscated Justin’s cell phone. It was reported that the teen singer had texts on his phone that he’d sent to Selena. In these texts he abused her. The phone also, allegedly, contained angry texts from Gomez in which she called Bieber out on his drug abuse and his lying.

A picture on Justin’s phone reportedly showed the teenage singer’s erect penis. This photo had been sent to Gomez with the caption, “Don’t tell me that you don’t miss this.” Crude and, no doubt, very hurtful to Selena. The texts and the picture were found just after the on-again, off-again couple had “kissed and made up.” It was during their latest reconciliation that Bieber was allegedly videoed egging his neighbor’s house causing around $20,000 damage.

The presence of the hateful texts, as well as the crude photo, spelt the end of the two lovers’ latest attempt to remain a couple. Their breakup was confirmed when Bieber was arrested in a Miami, Florida suburb after being stopped for “drag racing.” In Bieber’s Lamborghini was a new girl, Chantel Jeffries, who accompanied the singer when he went to Panama to escape any further interactions with the long arm of Florida law.

Jeffries, was pictured in a tiny bikini with Bieber while he was “resting.” She appears to be a sort of groupie and it doesn’t seem that the two will be a long lasting “item.” Meanwhile, Selena Gomez, who dumped her rehab just like Justin Bieber dumped her, has stated that she made it past the rehab center’s “survivor” week and that was all she really needed. Hopefully the young singer and actress is right because one thing she doesn’t need is Justin Bieber.

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