L’Wren Scott Suicide: Why?

L'Wren ScottThe tragic death of the ethereal L’Wren Scott, former model turned fashion designer is the latest in an alarming trend of celebrity deaths. Unfortunately, happy celebrities are becoming an endangered species. This is all too sad given the accomplishments they have made. Recently we have mourned the deaths of Cory Monteith, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Whitney Huston, Paul Walker, Amy Whinehouse and Michael Jackson; all such amazingly talented individuals taken from this earth far too soon.

Sadly money doesn’t buy happiness and living in the Hollywood fishbowl can have drastic consequences on one’s ability to function with any sense of normality. Perhaps it was the pressure caused by the constant attention L’Wren Scott garnered that pushed her to take her own life. It is conceivable that being the girlfriend of Mick Jagger could be a pressure filled role. The poor woman was stick thin, bringing anorexia, depression and other mental health issues to mind.

The unattainable desire to stay thin, beautiful and youthful throughout one’s life could cause a significant amount of tension. It is possible that her desire to please others caused her a fair amount of anguish. Any possible scenario for suicide is sad and this is no different. It is just heartbreaking to imagine that the need to impress others could have caused her death.

In an interview with The Mirror L’Wren Scott states that her life was not perfect, that no one’s life is perfect and that she worried too much. This leads one to speculate about the possibility of anxiety and depression as being the cause. She may have been suffering for years with an undiagnosed mental illness like anxiety. These illnesses manifest themselves internally and often are difficult for others to notice and understand.

Often celebrities turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to drown out the pressure, sadness and anxiety they feel. This is not one of those cases. One US fashion source quoted in the UK Daily Mail said that L’Wren Scott and Mick Jagger were not known to drink alcohol or do drugs. This eliminates the more popular and equally sad celebrity trend of death by drugs.

The most plausible theory, one first mentioned the UK-based Daily Mail, is that her floundering fashion business was in debt and this devastated her. Mick Jagger backed her financially but if she was prone to worry, this would have affected her more deeply than need be. The Daily Mail reveals the latest accounts for her business. In 2009, her company debt stood at $2,120,015.67, and by 2010 it had grown to $3,063,160.87. A million dollar deficit is certainly cause for concern and a sad reality of the competitive fashion world. This debt is likely a factor in her death but often there are many other reasons that would push someone to take their own life.

The truth of the matter usually lies somewhere in the middle. In the end, the reasons for her death remain with her. The world may never know, because she did not leave a suicide note explaining why. One thing is for certain, L’Wren Scott was one of the good people in the world and she will always be remembered fondly.

Opinion by Nicole Drawc


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