Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha Williams Suffers Nervous Breakdown?

Real Housewives of Atlanta
Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha Williams allegedly suffered a nervous breakdown during the taping of the show’s anticipated reunion episode. One of Bravo’s most watched reality shows never ceases to disappoint its audience with drama and, as of lately, much scandal. With federal investigations, corruption, nasty divorces, and the list continues, Real Housewives of Atlanta stays on fire both on and off camera. Williams, however, might be an example of the kind of pressure too much reality can have on a person. Williams reportedly had a nervous breakdown and physically attacked cast mate Kenya Moore.

It was no secret to fans that Williams and Moore were far from best friends. Williams and Moore joined the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta the same season. They clashed almost immediately when Williams dove into the personal life of Moore questioning why she wasn’t married or did not have children. Williams flaunted her marriage to Moore over their first lunch together and expressed excitement to start a family soon. Moore later attended a charity event hosted by Williams where Williams devalued Moore’s Miss USA title and her accolades from the stage. Williams was unapologetic for the “error” and, from there, dislike between the two women began to fester and take on a life of its own. During the taping of the reunion, it is reported the two women argued which was nothing new to this cast. However, Williams allegedly began to suffer a nervous breakdown and viciously attacked Moore. It is reported production security and 911 had to be called to break the two women apart. Reportedly the other cast mates, though they have witnessed verbal and physical attacks in the past, were stunned by William’s emotional reaction.

Though the young and beautiful Williams recently celebrated the release of her new single Flatlines, the expansion of her wig line, and her debut in fellow cast mate Kandi Burruss’s theater production A Mother’s Love, allegedly Williams was on the chopping block of being let go from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Many fans of the highly rated show saw Williams as immature, very naïve, not too bright, and needing to be more independent to be apart of a cast of very strong-minded and business savvy women. Much of the industry is speculating if Williams attacked Moore in order to stay employed. Fans of Williams were looking forward to seeing her move from her mother’s house and start “growing up.” Many fans of the reality show believe Moore’s quick wit to Williams is like a semi-automatic weapon to a fly. Williams, unable to match wits with Moore, possibly resulted to physical violence. Whether the star suffered a nervous breakdown or not, much of the public believes this does not show signs of “growing up.”

Williams’ challenges began prior to the taping of season six of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but definitely did not end during the taping of the show. She won over the hearts and gained much sympathy from many when former NFL football star Kordell Stewart filed for divorce from the 32-year-old reality star leaving her with nothing after two years of marriage. Williams insinuated several times on the show that Stewart was gay and lead her cast mates to believe she entered into the marriage knowing there were rumors of his sexuality. Stewart denies the allegation stating he loved his wife. Stewart goes on to explain he did not feel comfortable putting her name on any of the assets he attained during his NFL career due to her financial irresponsibility, losing her own condo prior to their marriage to unpaid property taxes. Stewart did not want to risk losing his property. Williams went onto the Bethenny talk show recently to boast and brag about new “friends” who are taking care of her with lavish gifts such as a Rolls Royce. In the same breath, talk show host Bethenny showed concern for Williams when she exposed that, even though she was buying designer labels, purchasing $3,500 shoes, expensive hair weave, and living in a beautiful home, she couldn’t afford to get health insurance to pay off her medical bills. Many are wondering if the pressures to keep up with the Joneses built up in the young reality star to the point she snapped and took it out on Moore.

Many believe Williams mourns losing the lifestyle Stewart gave her over actually losing the marriage. Whether she needs media training or a therapist to help the young beauty with handling the highs and lows of fame, no one wants to see her hurt herself emotionally, mentally, and socially. As jokes fly around social media about her level of ignorance and superficial nature, others feel more concern for her as a person than a public figure. The industry has lost many public figures to death, prison, drug addiction, suffering nervous breakdowns, and financial ruin. When a woman reduces herself to assault and battery, clearly the pressure is cooking and the alarm is ringing. Williams quickly removed herself from a party hosted by cast mate NeNe Leakes due to a physical altercation the men on the Real Housewives of Atlanta engaged in earlier in the season. Williams stated the environment was too “hood” for her. Many fans are now questioning her definition of “hood”. Others, however, want the young actress to take a rest from reality television possibly for her own sake. But it is possible Williams’ stock just went up. In reality t.v. physical violence combined with psychotic outbursts means…a reality star is born. Many Bravo fans only hope Porsha Williams can handle…the reality.

Opinion by Meleika Gardner


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