Hulu Partnership With Pizza Hut Key to Future Plans [Video]


Life for “laptop potatoes” just got a little easier as a new feature will allow those viewing online programming to order a pizza without even switching tabs. Hulu, the online video streaming service is partnering with Pizza Hut to provide a direct online ordering service which will allow viewers to place delivery orders during commercial breaks, a move that could change the face of online commerce and a big part of its plans to increase its place in the market. Industry experts predict this could be a growing trend as interactive ad capabilities pave the way for future collaborations.

Hulu Chief Executive Mike Hokpins alluded to such as he unveiled what he dubbed the Pizza Hut campaign an “in-stream purchase unit”  during the companies annual presentation for advertisers yesterday in New York, noting that other advertisers could utilize the feature to initiate sales as well.

The new ad system will allow viewers to place their order, with their program resuming directly after the order is completed, having paused at the point of order initiation. Company insiders are hoping the new feature will help them vie for a larger viewing audience in an increasingly competitive market which the company competes against rivals Netflix and Amazon Prime, among others. Hopkins states that this will help Hulu differentiate against its competitors and  attract new and diverse partnerships with advertisers.

In addition to the direct-order application and its partnership with Pizza Hut, the company plans to be a key catalyst in changing the the entire face of future online commerce. Hulu also enticed potential advertisers with a 360-degree ad feature for mobile devices. Taking advantage of accelerometers which are becoming commonplace on many smart phones. The example that Hopkins showed off allowed potential customers a chance to get a same 360-degree view of, in this case an automobile, in the same manner they currently are able to on their desktop or laptops.

In hopes of attracting larger audiences and woo new advertisers to this feature, Hulu will offer viewers the opportunity to view certain programming on the smarts phones or tablets without establishing a paid subscription beginning this summer. Users will have access to a larger selection with an $8 monthly subscription, but will no longer be shut off from full episodes of selected programming, as currently is the case.

Reports indicate Android users will be the first to be offered the free programming, followed shortly by iOS users. Hulu has not yet announced viewing content for this free service, but sources indicate it will be modeled on the current format offered to its desktop platform. While many experts had previously predicted their decline decline, the latest announcements have encouraged investors and positions the company to provide serious competition to its rivals. They currently has some 6 million subscribers to its Hulu Plus system and has plans to further compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime by increasing their selection of original programming and tripling its marketing budget to better inform the of public of their shows. Original programming is cited as key for attracting new users in a growing market and combined with its newly unveiled ordering app and partnership with Pizza Hut, Hulu is making it clear it plans to be remain an industry force long into the future.
By Paul M Winters