Kitchen Nightmares Revisited Amy’s Baking Company

Kitchen Nightmares Amy's Baking CompanyFriday night marked the season six premiere of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, and what better way for Ramsay to kick off a new season of his hit show than by paying some old friends a visit, right? While Ramsay chose to forego the festivities, he did send a Kitchen Nightmares representative, who revisited the infamous Amy’s Baking Company, and got the scoop on how the business has been doing since his last visit.

Ramsay originally visited Amy’s Baking Company last year during season five, episode 16. While he was eager to help the owners, Amy and Samy Bouzaglo turn their failing restaurant around; he was met with stout opposition because Amy simply could do no wrong and she could not take any criticism at all.

Ramsay tried to work with the couple, pointing out obvious flaws and areas the business could improve in such as cooking food properly, using fresh ingredients instead of frozen, treating their customers properly, and letting the waitresses have their tips instead of Samy pocketing them. However, Amy and Samy would not hear of it; they refused to see the error of their ways and left Ramsay no other choice than to leave Amy’s Baking Company in the same mess he found it in and to let them figure it out for themselves.

Following the episode’s airing last May, fans of the show came out in droves to slam Amy’s Baking Company on Facebook, Yelp, and Reddit, and it did not take long for the insanity to spread like wildfire. The story went viral and the couple and their business became an internet sensation, but not in a good way. Some people even went as far as threatening the owners, but it did not faze Amy and Samy.

For every negative comment they received, they lashed out and gave one in return. At one point, Samy even threatened legal action saying he was keeping a record of all the names on Facebook who were running their mouths to them. However, Amy’s Baking Company did not pursue legal action; instead, they turned the negative attention into a way to make money. They started selling tee shirts and hats that said, “I am Gangster,” “I Speak Feline, Meow,” and “Here’s Your Pizza, Go F**k Yourself.”

A year has passed and Kitchen Nightmares wanted to revisit Amy’s Baking Company to see how the business was doing. A representative for the show sat down with Amy and Samy who were quick to hurl insults toward Ramsay and all the fans that had left them comments. Among other things, Amy called Ramsay a “pale face pansy-a** willow,” and Samy said he “could go f*** himself.” Samy went on to say he did not believe Gordon had any balls and, in fact, was “jealous” of his balls.

There simply was no end to their ranting. Maybe they will do better in the tee shirt business than they have done in the restaurant business. Time will tell! One thing is for sure. It does not sound like too much has changed in the last year. Amy and Samy are still just as arrogant, belligerent, and crazy as ever. Kitchen Nightmares revisited Amy’s Baking Company to see how the business was doing since they appeared on the show, and immediately, it was obvious that nothing had changed. Amy and Samy are as deluded as they ever were!

Opinion By Donna W. Martin


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