‘Mrs Doubtfire’ Child Stars Speak Out

mrs doubtfireTwo of the child stars from the movie Mrs Doubtfire have recently spoke out about their lives after leaving fame behind. Lisa Jakub and Mara Wilson have both turned their backs on acting to live normal lives. With all the recent rumors about the Mrs Doubtfire sequel, both former actresses have addressed their thoughts on returning for the movie and what they are currently up to.

The youngest actress on the set, Mara Wilson, has made headlines online due to remarks about returning in the newly announced sequel to Mrs Doubtfire. Wilson took to Twitter to voice her opinion on the movie and wrote that she has never been asked to reprise her role from the first film and would never accept if it were offered. She upset quite a few fans by writing that she believes sequels that are not part of a trilogy “suck” and that Mrs Doubtfire “ended where it needed to end.”

Wilson also took to Facebook to offer a way to really find out what she is doing currently. She wrote that people should check out her personal blog where she writes posts on her life now that she no longer acts. Wilson has revealed that she now lives in New York, works with the non-profit Publicolor, and writes on her spare time. Aside from her personal blog, Wilson has also written her own view on how child stars deal with fame for the humor website Cracked.

One would believe that actors would love to return to the movies that made them famous. Wilson, a former child star herself, wishes not to return to the Mrs Doubtfire and has spoken out about it online. Her on-screen sister from the same movie also has taken to writing online about her thoughts.

The older sister of the movie Mrs Doubtfire, Lisa Jakub, had also left acting behind. At 22 years, she escaped Hollywood and traveled to Virginia to be with her boyfriend. Now, the two are married and she is living an average life where she wishes to no longer have the recognition as an actress. Just as Wilson does, Jakub writes on her own blog about the fame she left behind. She seems to enjoy posting other articles that include her and how wrong they are about her current whereabouts.

Jakub has stated that she is currently working on a memoir about her young life in the film industry. On her blog, she gives out little tastes of what that book might include. She honestly addresses the thought that people have about her money situation. While most people may think she is resting on movie money, she writes that residual checks from her acting work are either too small to waste time to deposit or they are large enough to buy her a nice dinner out.

Besides her blog, Jakub also writes for various online news outlets. She is also a contributor to the websites Elephant Journal, Hello Giggles, and Thought Catalog. On Thought Catalog, she has written a brief article about her thoughts on how positive quitting acting can be.

Jakub also seems to have no interest in returning to acting. With both child stars unwilling to return to the Mrs Doubtfire sequel, it is interesting to see how the movie can fill complete. Currently there is only talk that Robin Williams will return for the sequel. Even if Wilson and Jakub do not show up in a movie any time soon, it is nice to know that some child stars knew when to walk away from fame and keep their heads leveled.

By Raul Hernandez