Apple Keeping WWDC 2014 Top Secret


With all the news floating around about Apple recently, the iPhone maker is keeping events about the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2014 top secret. Rumors of Kobe Bryant and Dr. Dre joining the Apple family along with rumors of the iWatch and updated Apple TV are keeping people guessing about what will come from the conference. The world will need to wait for the June 2 Keynote address for all the answers from Apple.

The expected news from Apple will likely be the likely introduction of Dr. Dre and Beats Audio to the company. The addition of Beats by Dre headphones and earbuds to iPhones and iPods could be a nice coup over the smart device world for the Cupertino, California company. However, this would only scratch the surface of bringing Dr. Dre into the family. Beats Audio going into laptops and iPads could improve the sound quality greatly across the product range. Incorporating Beats Audio streaming service with iTunes would solidify Apple as the online music king.

After Kobe Bryant was seen on the campus of the iPhone maker a few weeks ago eating lunch with developers, the tech world was abuzz with iWatch talk. Speculation surfaced that the Los Angeles Lakers star was going to jump from computer company Lenovo and head to Apple to test a wearable device. A team-up between Bryant, Apple and Nike on the iWatch would make sense. It would make sense if the Black Mamba had not recently extended his relationship with Lenovo.

Apple is keeping everything top secret, which is just adding to the speculation by consumers and developers on the outside. Even the sessions that are scheduled for WWDC 2014 are being kept under cover by Apple. Over 100 sessions scheduled for the conference have been given names like, “To Be Announced,” “We Have to Keep This Quiet Still” and “Bet You Can’t Wait to Know.” The secretive names just lead to more speculation on what will take place at the conference. Apple will release the official names of each session after the Keynote kicks of the conference. Until then, “Shh, Can’t Tell You Yet.”

It is a sure bet that Apple will give the world a first look at IOS 8, the operating system for all of the company’s mobile devices as well as a peak at the follow-up to the Mavericks operating system. The company has used WWDC to premier new iPhones, MacBooks, and other products in the past along with operating systems, apps and programs. One app Apple is expected to release during the conference is Healthbook. The Healthbook platform is designed to track the health and exercise of users. Speculation that Apple has teamed up with Nike for the shoemaker’s Fuelband technology could tie in with Healthbook, tracking a user’s daily activity through a wearable device. The Fuelband technology combined with reports about Apple’s sapphire glass project breakthroughs do point to a smartwatch that would compete with Android wearables. That would open the door for the Black Mamba to leave Lenovo and introduce the iWatch powered by Nike during the Keynote

Apple has always found a way to surprise the world at WWDC. If Dr. Dre and Beats are brought into the family, the conference is sure to be one heck of a week long party. While the secrets that will be revealed at the 2014 Keynote will likely not solve the world’s economic crisis or bring world peace, Apple is sure to surprise the technology and business world. In the meantime, one should keep an eye out for a new basketball court on the Cupertino campus and an ear open for thundering bass music eminating from some of the buildings.

By Carl Auer

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