Kristen Stewart May Sue Joan Rivers Over Sex Scandal Comments in New Book


There are rumors swirling around that Kristen Stewart may sue Joan Rivers over comments in her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva, relating to a former sex scandal with director Rupert Sanders. Kristen and Sanders worked together on Snow White and the Huntsman back in 2011 and were reportedly found kissing in Los Angeles in 2012 after the movie came out. The incident ending up with both parties breaking up with their respective mates, Stewart with long-time lover Robert Pattinson and Sanders with his wife, Liberty Ross.

In the book Rivers claims that a lot of Hollywood stars have the ability to only perform as single thing well, but that the most outstanding “one trick pony” is of course the Twilight star, who made her successful career by having the ability to “juggle a director’s balls.” Stewart was very upset by the quote and had her lawyer reach out to River’s lawyer over the book, asking to have the passage removed. In the prologue of the book it clearly states that the purpose of the book is to be comedic, and that anyone who takes what is said inside literally is an “idiot.”

Rivers has spoken to TMZ and said that if the legal action from Stewart over the sex scandal comments in her new book eventually lead to court, that she is very excited because Joan wants to bring a puppet into the courtroom, and ask Kristen to show her where she thinks Rivers has said Kristen touched the director. Rivers is adamant that all the passages about all of the celebrities she talks about will stay in the book.

Other celebrities that Rivers discusses in the book besides Stewart include Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna, Hedi Klum, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Aniston and Lena Dunham. The book, Diary of a Mad Diva, is therefore virtually a who’s who of Hollywood A-listers, and what the 81-year-old Rivers actually thinks of them. The book is set up as a comic memoir, but there are portions where Rivers’ bite and wit become very serious according to reports from those who have read the book early.

In the book, Rivers really takes a go at HBO Girls star Lena Dunham because she does not like how uptight and entitled the young woman seems to be. Apparently in a woman’s event Dunham was extremely boastful of what she had done as the lone pioneer of Hollywood women. This was in a room full of influential women such as Tina Fey, Sara Jessica Parker, Barbara Walters, Amy Poehler and of courses Joan Rivers herself. Apparently the Fashion Police star thinks Dunham could afford to lose a few pounds and eat a salad once in a while, because Rivers cannot stand to see her butt, breasts or tattoos again on the HBO show, and has to watch it with her hands ready to cover her eyes.

Rivers also told TMZ that the Twilight star should be happy she is not a Kardashian because they are mentioned much more frequently in the tell all book. No other celebrities have come out against Joan Rivers’ new book besides Kristen Stewart threatening to sue, even though there are many other scandalous sexual allegations in Diary of a Mad Diva. The book does not come out to the public until July 2014.

By B. Taylor Rash

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  1. Grace Thompson   July 4, 2014 at 12:46 pm

    I hope she sues Joan Rivers. She thinks she criticizes everybody and their looks, what they wear etc. How many facelifts have you had Joan? What do you look like in the morning Joan? How dare you say anything about anyone. You’re a jealous, overrated and worn out “comedian” you’re washed up and you should shut up as well. You wish you looked and could act as good as Kristen does. I have been waiting for the sequel of Snow White and now they have cut her?? What kind of b.s. is that? As much as I love Chris Hemsworth’s acting and work in other pictures, I am surprised he would star in this sequel without SNOW WHITE and w/o Kristen Stewart and protest it… Charlize Theron, not so thrilled, she is not a good actress in anything she has been in, just goes BY HER LOOKS. The only thing she was good in was Monster and that’s because she did not look like herself. Whatever, if Kristen Stewart is not in the movie as a full actress not in little parts of it, then I refuse to see it or any movie that the director of this movie does from here on. Screw Hollywood, you really know how to mess with people’s lives and people who make mistakes. She is good and she is young and she will rise. Robert Pattinson may be British but he is no Jason Statham, Tom HIddleston, Mark Strong and all the other gorgeous British, Scottish actors we have been so delighted to watch in movies. He is BORING now and he was boring in Twilight. Any movie he has starred in besides Twilight have sucked. They just have. He cannot act if his life depended on it. I hope he saved that money from all the Twilight Saga.


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