Apple Inc. Expected to Release Smartwatch With iPhone 6

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is expected to follow Samsung’s release plan by making the smartwatch, the iWatch, available at the same time was the iPhone 6. Both are expected to be released next month but these are still rumors as the tech giant has still not confirmed anything.

At the end of last year, Samsung decided to release the Galaxy Note 3 at the same time as its Gear smartwatch. This move certainly made sense as the two were designed to work with each other. Some people were even excited about the idea and pre-ordered the two together. It is a move that the company is expected to continue with the release of the Galaxy Note 4 and the Gear Solo later this year.

The iWatch from Apple Inc. has been long awaited for. There is constantly updates with rumors, but there has still been nothing concrete about it. According to Apple enthusiast, John Gruber, the name has not even been finalized yet. The smartwatch has just been dubbed the iWatch to work with the iPhone and iPad naming.

It does seem like the new wrist wearable will be mainly for those fitness enthusiasts. This will certainly make sense as the iPhone is reportedly getting larger. People want something that is small, that they can communicate with and play their music from while they are moving around; especially while they are training.

The news that Apple Inc. is expected to release the smartwatch with the iPhone 6 comes from Gruber. He continually looks into the different companies to see what they are up to and how Apple will be able to respond. He looked into the chances of the iWatch being released because Motorola is expected to release its own smartwatch, the Moto 360.

Gruber is usually correct with his predictions for Apple products, so many expect him to be correct with this. However, there have been times in the past that people who have been correct before are suddenly completely wrong. Google Nexus devices were continually expected over the course of the end of last year and the start of this year, and predictions came from tech bloggers that are usually right. So far, nothing has been released.

These recent predictions contradict others that have come before Gruber. Re/Code is another site that continually predicts Apple Inc. news well, but has already said it expects the iWatch to make an appearance in October rather than September. This will give the company more time to hype up the new device, rather than possibly overshadowing it with the iPhone 6. The new smartphone is already highly anticipated.

Some have even speculated that the device will not be available until November. There is also no guarantee that the iPhone 6 will be released in September. Some speculate that the smaller version of the phone will be released then, with a larger version not available until the very end of the year.

An iWatch is expected but the tech giant is still staying quiet on a release date. Right now, bloggers expect the watch to be released by the end of the year, with one expecting Apple Inc. to release the smartwatch with the iPhone 6.

By Alexandria Ingham


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