Face Off Twisted Trees (Recap and Review)

Face Off Twisted Trees (Recap and Review)

Face Off had a main theme of Twisted Trees this week leaving the alien motif behind. Before getting into the main challenge, the 12 remaining contestants faced a superhero competition which was be judged by award winning makeup designer Mike Elizalde. In this two hour challenge, the 12 makeup artists had to develop a look to match the super hero outfits they chose.

The winner was for the first challenge was Rachel for her assassin character, which guaranteed her immunity from the main competition. Presenter McKenzie Westmore explained what the theme was and allowed the 12 to pick a teammate. After allowing each pair the chance to pick what type of tree they wanted to use out of the six on offer, Ms. Westmore then assigned each team a malady to be included in their creation.

Once the teams begin their work, Michael Westmore comes in to look over their first steps in creating the character they had chosen. As usual, the award winning makeup maestro gave tips and asked questions about where the teams were going with their ideas. Dina and Rachel found out that the initial design on their Banyan tree was all wrong, which left one of the women in a panicky state. The main reason for Dina’s stress was that if anything went wrong, as Rachel had immunity, she would be the one sent home.

Keaghlan and George had the Silk Floss tree, with choking vines and Westmore suggested that they tone down their character’s chin and lose some of its human look. Cig and Drew had to create a bug infested Weeping Willow, Vince and Damien had a Sequoya with rot, Doc and Jason had the Bristlecone Pine with fire, and Sasha and Stella had White Birch with burl.

Face Off with its twisted tree theme caused some issues for the teams but they all focussed on their creations. All of them took in the advice given by Michael Westmore and the teams worked well together. Keaghlan and George were the most “together” team of the six. Unflappable and confident with the direction their character was taking, they even took time for a moment of levity when they did a little dance before moving on to the next step in their creation.

As with every show so far, there was an amount of breakage and cracking of moulds. Again, the teams all helped each other wherever possible. Keaghlan helped Stella while she was making her White Birch bark. Sasha maked two pairs of hands for her team’s tree and her team mate was not happy with either pair.

David and Jason were having problems and David was so upset that, as he told the camera, he was already packing his bags to go home from the Face Off competition. The next day, Damien and Vince found out that an issue with the second skin on their Sequoya worked in their favor.

George and Keaghlan agreed that they were having a lot of fun creating their tree and the teams were quickly painting and adding their last minute bits to the character’s they had made. Unfortunately, Cig and Drew ran out of time and their Weeping Willow had a lack of branches.

The teams all put finishing touches on their models and before the final judging four designers were judged safe, and as usual Keaghlan Ashley was one of the makeup artists who automatically goes through to next week’s challenge. George, Dina and Rachel also got sent straight backstage and were safe as well.

The judges on the Face Off twisted trees challenge, passed on a combination of praise and damnation to each team. Top marks went to Doc and Jason for their Sequoya with fire and Jason was the actual winner based on the “beauty” of his work. Sadly, Vince was the one makeup artist sent off this week. The makeup done by these talented men and women continues to amaze and captivate. Next week’s show continues the “nature” theme with a hybrid of two different species of animal. The show airs on the SyFy network Tuesday each week.

By Michael Smith