Game of Thrones Readers Have Already Guessed the Ending

Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin has admitted that Game of Thrones viewers and readers have already guessed the ending. However, with so many theories going around, he has not shared the actual ones that have been right.

Readers have enjoyed the novels since the 1990s, and theories started from the very beginning. Some of those surround Jon Snow’s real parents, while others are over who will end up on the Iron Throne. From the beginning, Martin knew how he wanted Game of Thrones to end. Originally planned as a trilogy, the story has expanded and may now be eight books in total.

The author did admit that there are clues within the novels. He did it on purpose to foreshadow moments and offer a guessing game to his fans. Those who have paid close attention to the clues have worked out the ending.

For those who believe they have the right answer, the good news is that the ending will not change. Martin knows the end result and that is the way it will stay. After all, that was the reason for the clues in the first place. It will not take away from the finale, and many readers will be more excited about how the ending will come about rather than what it will be.

Fans of shows have had the ending change on them in the past because they guessed it during the writing. One of those was Lost, or at least is suspected to be Lost. It ended up being a disappointing ending for most fans.

What does it really mean for Game of Thrones readers who have already guessed the ending? Nothing really. Martin is continuing his writing and will keep the storyline going in the same way he wants. While small parts may change and the author may decide to add a few more clues here and there, the overall ending of whoever will sit on the Iron Throne remains the same.

He is not just changing it for his own preference. He does not want to create a disaster of a book, and that is something that can happen. It would mean the subtle clues would no longer work and there is nothing he can do now that the first novels have been released.

One thing he has done is almost apologize to those who have guessed. He does not like fictional stories with obvious endings. He wants to keep his readers surprised.

There are a lot of forums set up for theorizing the ending, but not all readers will be there. In fact, there will still be plenty of readers who will not agree with some of the theories and they will be surprised in the end. Some have only just gotten involved in the books because of the TV show, which has continually surprised readers (not always pleasantly) by making the odd change to the storyline and adding scenes to explain parts that have happened behind the curtain in the books.

Most readers will certainly not be disappointed. They will be happy that they guessed it right, and will just want to see how it happens. However, according to Martin many readers have already guessed how Game of Thrones will end because they have spotted the clues.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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