Breast Cancer Risk May Be Lowered With Exercise

Breast Cancer

New studies show that exercise may help to lower the risk of breast cancer. This was found in women who were postmenopausal and does not require large amounts of exercise. Regular bouts of physical activity were found to be enough, but that activity will need to continue. The risk increases when postmenopausal women stop exercising.

According to Dr. Alison Estabrook, an expert in the field, she was not surprised to hear about the findings. She regularly encourages women to exercise to help prevent breast cancer from occurring. She explains that there are many ways exercise can help, and this study has just helped to confirm them.

During the study, 30 minutes of exercise each day was found to be enough to help prevent this type of cancer. Walking was enough and women who walked for four hours a week on average were found to lower their risk by 10 percent compared to those who did not exercise or exercised less. However, it is important for postmenopausal women to continue to exercise and create a routine that they can stick to. Stopping the routine does lead to the risk increasing to the same rate as those who never exercise.

The good news is that the effect of exercise is not dependent on weight, height or any other factors. Women can start doing moderate exercise right away and see the benefits.

Doing exercise will not just help to lower the risk of breast cancer. There are many benefits to getting out more and doing more physical activity. Many experts recommend that men and women of all ages get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, whether it is walking, running, swimming or even playing a sport. It helps to improve blood flow, heart and lung health and many other health issues.

It has been good news for many to hear that exercise will help. Another study showed that the bone drugs offered to help fight against breast cancer are not working. The drugs are offered to women who suffer from osteoporosis and other bone-weakening diseases. Women who took these drugs did see a reduced risk of the cancer, but doctors now believe that the drugs were wrongly given the credit.

It is possible that there were lower estrogen levels, which contributed to the decreased risk. The low bone mass density leads to low estrogen levels in most cases. Breast cancer is usually an issue due to the amount of estrogen in the body.

This is also good news as it turns out that the women suffering from the most lethal types of this cancer are not getting the help that they really need. It has led to a higher death toll because they are not all receiving the therapies that have been recommended by the experts. Preventing the cancer will help to prevent more of these cases from occurring.

It is a very common disease and affects men and women. However, postmenopausal women are more likely to suffer from it. Doing exercise may help reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, and it will improve the overall health at the same time.

By Alexandria Ingham


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