Jennifer Lawrence Attracted Chris Martin With Laid-Back Attitude

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence attracted Chris Martin with her laid-back attitude, according to people close to the Coldplay singer. Rumors started last week that the pair were now together, although neither have confirmed or denied them so far.

Martin was heard mentioning Hunger Games at a recent concert in New York, which Lawrence attended. Fans then saw him blow a kiss to the 24-year-old actress, instantly starting the rumors that there is something happening between the two. They were also spotted together on numerous other occasions.

It helps that both are newly single. Martin is in the middle of “consciously uncoupling” from his wife of 10 years, Gwyneth Paltrow, while the X-Men actress has just split up from her long-term boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult. According to sources close to Lawrence, the split from Hoult was amicable and due to their clashing schedules. Hoult was also said to be interested in someone lesser-known in Hollywood.

So, what exactly attracted the 37-year-old Coldplay front man to the 24-year-old actress? It appears to be her attitude and love for laughter. She is thought to be the opposite to Paltrow, and is someone that Martin can now enjoy time with.

Friends close to the singer have mentioned that the actress is perfect for him right now. They criticized Paltrow’s strict vegan diet and exercise routine, and praised the 24-year-old for her laid-back look on life. She enjoys eating pizza and even smokes now and then. Her laid-back attitude attracted Martin to Lawrence straight away, and has shown him things that he has missed out on by being with Paltrow for the last 10 years.

That does not take away the years that he did spend with Paltrow. He certainly loved her and has two beautiful children from the marriage. However, he reportedly wants some fun, which is just what the Hunger Games star can offer.

Rumors started about their connection at the start of last month. They have been texting each other for six weeks now, and finally shown signs that there really may be something happening. Before now, the actress was in a serious relationship. According to sources, the two decided to split due to their schedules getting in the way. It is possible that Lawrence’s feelings for Martin also got in the way.

Martin is not the only one to move on after his marriage. Paltrow has also found a new love interest in Glee’s Brad Falchuk. They met while she appeared as a guest role on the show and he is the co-creator and executive producer.

The two tried to remain consistent for their children. However, they do need to move on with their lives and finding new partners is just part of that. Their children are always first on their list though, according to those close to them.

The rumors surrounding the Hunger Games star and Coldplay singer have still not been confirmed. This is information based on sightings and discussions with those reportedly close to the 37-year-old singer. However, it seems like Lawrence’s laid-back attitude may have been the thing to attract Martin.

By Alexandria Ingham


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