Jibo the Family Robot Everyone Will Want [Video]


Today’s families are always on the go, and today’s homeowners are demanding technology like that in the robot “Jibo,” a robot that will interact with the entire house as well as the family. This multi-talented computer can be tied directly into the home and lets the homeowner control the lights, the phones, and it can even use Skype with a 21st century twist. Robots will come and go and only a few will find a place in the homes of the masses. However, much like the “iRobot,” Jibo fulfills a need within today’s modern family, and fills it with one of a kind technology.

Cynthia Breazeal is the brains behind what can only be called, the “must have” robot of this century. It is amazingly affordable, especially if one gets in on the ground floor. Jibo is reported to go into production by next year, with special edition robots starting at $499.00 through Indiegogo. They are also offering a developer option starting at $599.00 and this investment will make the lucky professional a part of the Jibo community, however, all options are going fast. A pre-order for Jibo with $199.00 down and $349.00 upon shipment in early 2016, is already sold out. The other options are down to just a few hundred left, and this is an indication of the acceptance of this prototype already.

robotAn interactive robot that will fulfill an entire family’s needs is indeed within the reach of millions of homes. People that own a Jibo will be able to check their email, take pictures, and even order take out. Children are sure to love this one of a kind home assistant, as it will recognize them and engage them on a level that is appropriate to each child’s age. The communication utility tool Skype has become a household name, and a technology staple to those with family members that may be as far as overseas, or as close as a neighboring state. This robot can give the family a visual and audio of their loved one, but with its innovative design, it can also turn side to side to allow conversations between multiple people without them having to crowd around the computer. The person featured on Jibo’s screen will have the ability to turn its focus on whom ever in the room is speaking, and its free-standing, swivel design makes it a smooth transition from person to person.

Although the development stage is complete and investors are eager to be part of  Breazeal’s invention, it is still a year away from production. The early success of the prototype is mostly due to its inventor’s credibility. Breazeal is the director of a robots group at MIT, and she is a pioneer of interaction between robots and humans. She developed an internationally recognized robot named “Kismet,” and has led the way ever since she developed this bit of technology for her doctoral thesis. There are many other robots which she has helped develop and they, along with Kismet, can be seen at MIT’s museum. Specializing in interactions and human-like personalities make this inventors robots stand apart from the rest. This home interactive family assistant could well be a staple in homes around the world, and Jibo will be the robot everyone will want.

By Kristi Cereska

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