Amanda Bynes on the Run After Hearing of Parents’ Plans


Amanda Bynes is reportedly on the run, fleeing New York City after hearing of her parents’ plans to fly into the city and place her in a rehabilitation center once more. She made her way to JFK earlier this morning, Oct. 10.

Her parents, Lynn and Rick, reportedly have been trying to get her to see sense for the past week, telling her that a facility would be the best thing for her and the only way for her to get through her troubles and heal. They even went so far as to reserve a room at a certain NYC facility ahead of time, with the thinking that there was a possibility they could get their daughter to agree. This possibility did not pan out, however, and Bynes is said to have flat-out refused their offer and denied that she needs help for a condition of any kind, let alone schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. When she realized that her parents were coming to the city no matter what she said, reports state that she first attempted to leave from LaGuardia airport near Queens. This attempt failed after she was removed from the airport for verbally abusing a ticket agent after being told there were no immediate flights, so she proceeded to get in a car and make her way to JFK.

Although her whereabouts are still unknown, the 28-year-old has been keeping up her tradition of informing the public about her life on Twitter, and Bynes has posted several updates since fleeing the city. She put her father on blast in one particular tweet, accusing him of labeling her stupid when she was a child and claiming she was subject to sexual abuse at his hands. Her parent’s lawyer responded to the tweet shortly thereafter, stating that his clients were shocked and saddened by these accusations, neither of which were in the least bit true. The mother went on to add that her husband did the best he could for their family, and that the words coming from their daughter’s mouth were the result of her mental instability. Bynes herself has since retracted the former accusations, blaming it on a microchip that was planted in her brain which made her not in control of the things she said.

The parents’ decision to rescue their daughter came just two days after her highly publicized shoplifting incidents in NYC. On the first occasion, Bynes was accused by employees at the Upper East Side’s Pookie & Sebastian clothing store of trying to leave without paying for a shirt. This was after she was allegedly dancing around the store and muttering to herself about plastic surgery. Upon being questioned by the staff, however, the actress paid for the item with no further incident. One hour later, she was stopped by security inside a Manhattan Barney’s when she attempted to leave the store while still holding on to a $200 hat. She claimed that she in no way meant to steal the item, but rather had left her method of payment in the car and was on her way to get it. As for why she did not put the hat down or ask an associate to hold it, Bynes gave the reasoning that she had become distracted by an overzealous fan that was obsessed with taking pictures of her.

It remains to be seen whether or not Amanda Bynes will continue to elude her parents while they desperately search for her in order to get her help. As of yet, the actress has still not been located.

By Rebecca Grace

E! Online Canada
Toronto Sun

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