Charlie Sheen’s Return to ‘Men’ Doubtful Says Jon Cryer [Video]

The likelihood of self-proclaimed warlock Charlie Sheen making a return to Two and a Half Men for its series finale this spring is doubtful, at least according to former co-star Jon Cryer. In a recent interview with Larry King, the 49-year-old expressed his view that the alliances Sheen tore apart following the end of his reign on the show were going to be extremely tough, if not impossible, to rebuild in order to make his reappearance on the series any kind of possibility.

When King asked the actor to give details surrounding his thoughts regarding the Anger Management star’s recent statements regarding his return to the show, Cryer gave the response that although nothing has yet been set in stone, so many bridges have been burned that the likelihood is slim to none. He also gave his opinion surrounding the 49-year-old’s recent erratic behavior at a restaurant, in which he was said to be slightly out of control, as well as Sheen’s behavior over the past few years in general. He recalled the difficulty of watching his former close friend get pulled into the sometimes uncontrollable world of drugs and alcohol, and how the actor’s lifestyle choices caused the two to grow apart over the past few years.

This past statement came about when the Pretty in Pink star was questioned as to whether or not he and Sheen are still friends, to which he gave an answer that essentially led to both a yes and no answer. While he stated that he would not say that the two were not friends, he also made a choice to separate himself from the actor’s actions and the situations he has found himself in since his fall from grace in 2009 (Sheen spent Christmas day in jail after an altercation with then-wife Brooke Mueller escalated to the point that authorities were called and subsequently arrested him.) Cryer attributed dealing with Sheen as akin to dealing with an addict in one’s family, in the way that one cannot shut them out completely but at the same time needs to find the dividing line for how much association is appropriate. He also expressed his sorrow at seeing the man he witnessed battle his demons for six full years fall back into his addictions, and that although he regretted not being able to have the man in his life, his wife and children’s health and well-being are his first priority and associating with Sheen would not in any way be good for them.

In terms of the actual likelihood of Sheen returning to the hit CBS show, Cryer’s doubt of it happening makes some amount of sense. The lead actor’s fallout with show creator Chuck Lorre was legendary, and the blowout that occurred between them still remains infamous to this day. After the former man was axed from Two and a Half Men back in 2011 (due to blatant substance abuse issues and extremely erratic behavior on set), he went on something of a rampage against the creator in an attempt to convey his discontent over his employment having been terminated. Said tirade was primarily done through Twitter, with Sheen putting Lorre on blast post after post for various reasons. In the past year, however, he has expressed his desire to make amends with the man and possibly make his way onto the show’s final episode, which is to air in May 2015. Sheen has made several comments to various media outlets in which he describes his potential return to the show as “common sense” and also hints that it is extremely likely to happen.

It remains to be seen whether or not Charlie Sheen will make an appearance on the 12th and final season of Two and a Half Men, although Jon Cryer has made his views on the matter extremely clear. Aforementioned creator Chuck Lorre has yet to given any official statement on the matter, and sources say that plans for the rest of the newly debuted last season are still up in the air.

By Rebecca Grace

Detroit Free Press
USA Today
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Photo by Matthew Straubmuller – Flickr License