Creed’s Scott Stapp Placed Under 5150 Psychiatric Hold

Creed frontman Scott Stapp was reportedly placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold just over two weeks ago, after Florida authorities found him in a less than stable state on the side of the road. He was kept for the traditional 72 hours while professionals evaluated his mental state, and subsequently released from the facility in question.

Popular gossip website TMZ recently obtained a report from the Madison County Sherrif’s Department in Florida, which detailed the incident which led to the 41-year-old needed to be contained for his own safety. Said authorities spotted Stapp engaging in seemingly out of it behavior while sat on the side of the road, and decided to investigate the matter further by making their way over to him and subsequently beginning to ask questions. Upon further inspection, officers became aware that the singer appeared to be heavily under the influence of alcohol. He was also said to be extremely incoherent, this accompanied by several bizarre rambling fits. These ramblings included details of his paranoia that an unknown person was attempting to poison him, an accusation which has so far proved unwarranted as no such evidence supporting his claims has been presented.

Shortly following his release from the aforementioned psychiatric hold, Stapp’s wife proceeded to file a legal document of her own. In said document, Jaclyn Stapp gave her own statement in which she claimed her estranged husband (she filed for divorce last month and the pair have been living separately ever since) was not only extremely paranoid but hearing voices and experiencing very disturbing hallucinations. Said hallucinations in question have reportedly consisted of seeing various people in the state of being set on fire. One of the voices Stapp claimed to hear allegedly told him that extremist group ISIS was after his son, and that they were planning an attack on the boy’s school in the near future. He is said to have taken the phantom voices so seriously that he took the initiative to leave a message with the dean of his son’s school expressing his concern regarding the urgent situation at hand.

She says Stapp has threatened to kill both himself as well as his AA sponsor, something she fully believes he is well within the capability of pulling off. Stapp has long since been an advocated owner of guns, making his wife fearful of who or what he will take vengeful action against in his newly unstable state given that he has full functionality to in terms of weaponry.

The wife has also alleged that her former partner’s current instability is directly related to the over usage of several illicit drugs, which she says she is concerned will lead to a possibly fatal overdose due to his insistence on bingeing on said substances. The list of said drug intake is in no way small; Jaclyn’s accusation includes that of cocaine, PCP, Crystal meth, Special K, weed, steroids, and various prescription drugs. She says his addiction to the aforementioned vices is the reason behind why he posted a desperate video to Facebook early Friday morning, in which he detailed his financial/residential crisis and blamed President Barack Obama for recruiting the IRS to freeze his bank account funds due to his disapproval of the POTUS during the 2012 election. The woman says she has since withdrew her application to have the man committed, believing they can possibly work things out privately at home.

It remains to be seen whether Creed frontman Scott Stapp’s psychological issues with escalate to the point that he is contained further than a 5150 hold. Neither he nor his representatives have yet given any statement on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

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