Does Mila Kunis Have Postpartum Depression?

Mila Kunis

Rumors are circulating that Mila Kunis may be suffering from postpartum depression. Life & Style reports that friends have said they are worried about her. She is staying in bed all day, and finds parenting being a mother.

Kunis and her husband-to-be Ashton Kutcher opted against hiring nannies and carers. They believed that they were in a good financial position, and the Friends With Benefits actress wanted to take care of her baby herself. However, it seems like everything has become too much for her, especially with Kutcher out to work. He reportedly tries to get home as much as possible to help take baby Wyatt of her hands.

Wyatt was born on September 30, 2014. Many mothers go through the “baby blues” for the first couple of weeks as the pregnancy hormones leave the body. This can leave mothers drained, emotional and stressed, and can be confused for postpartum depression. However, it should only last for a maximum of two weeks. After that, the mothers feel back to normal, almost.

If it continues for more than two weeks, it is possible that it is the more serious postpartum depression, according to Dr. Draion Burch, an ob-gyn. It is rare, but it is severe and can put mother and baby at risk if not dealt with quickly and professionally. However, there is still a stigma surrounding any type of mental health issue, and mothers do not like to admit that they are struggling with depression.

It could be possible that Kunis has postpartum depression, but the signs could also point to the 31-year-old being a regular mom. The first baby tends to be the hardest because new parents have no idea what to expect. There are sleepless nights, which makes hormones fluctuate considerably.

The first couple of weeks can be the easiest if dad is at home, but gets harder later on. Kunis may be struggling to deal with everything around the house herself. Many professionals recommend parents sleep when baby sleeps during the day, and the Family Guy actress may just be taking that advice.

According to Gossip Cop, she is definitely not suffering from postpartum depression. This is just another attempt of a tabloid magazine trying to sell copies. Dr. Burch is the doctor quoted by Life & Style, but has never treated Kunis. He can simply state the signs and symptoms of postnatal depression, and suggest treatments.

Gossip Cop reports that the Kutcher and his fiancée are extremely happy and taking in every moment. She is certainly no miserable or struggling to cope. She is just tired, like every new mother would be. The website also points out that the magazine in question has repeated shared false information about the two celebrities as fact. It has also shared false information about others, and cannot be trusted.

It is still early days for the new parents. Six weeks is around the time that there will be a check on mother and baby in most cases, just to make sure that everything is going well and both are healthy. If there are any issues, she will be able to discuss them in a private and confidential environment. It seems that there is no need to worry, and Kunis is not suffering from postpartum depression.

By Alexandria Ingham


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