Hocus Pocus Sequel Wanted by the Sanderson Sisters

Hocus Pocus

The Sanderson sisters would like to see a Hocus Pocus sequel. The only thing standing in their way is Walt Disney.

This week, Bette Midler, who played eldest Sanderson sister Winifred, said that she would happily take on the role again. She portrayed the role as the evil, ring leader of the three sister witches in the original 1993 movie. The Disney movie is still popular with children and adults to this day, offering the right balance of comedy and fear for all. Midler made it clear that the only thing stopping a sequel is Disney. It is up to the company to green light a sequel that fans are calling for right now.

There were reports this year that Tina Fey was working on a Hocus Pocus sequel, which led to more hype over the possibility. However, those rumors were false. There is nothing in the works yet.

The veteran actress spoke at Reddit AMA about the Halloween favorite. She is still a fan of the movie herself, and has the teeth she wore as a set souvenir. At the end of her talk, she encouraged everyone to get onto Disney since she really does want to do this.

She is not the only one interested in the idea. The other two Sanderson sisters want to be back on the screen in Hocus Pocus 2. That is Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy would like to reprise their roles. The 49-year-old and 57-year-old actresses took to Twitter to confirm that they were up for the idea. All Disney have to do is ask.

It would be interesting to see how a second movie could work. The first one ended as a way to avoid a sequel to it. The three Sanderson sisters failed to take in the life essence of a child, and Thackery Binks, played by NCIS’ Sean Murray, finally died and moved on to be with his sister Emily. There was no candle to light, and now way for the sisters to come back from Hell.

Of course, rather than setting the movie in the future, there is the possibility of setting it up as a Hocus Pocus prequel. There is the chance of telling the story that led to the people of Salem hanging the three witches due to the death of Emily Binks. How did they get to the point of making the potion to become immortal and what were their plans after that?

If it is set in the future, there would be the option of bringing in another witch to conjure the sisters back from hell. It could be some long-lost relative or even a witch who has heard of the notorious Sanderson sisters.

Nothing could happen without Disney’s green light. Despite the original movie being so popular, even today, it does not look like the family-friendly company is interested in it. Right now, there is focus on the animation movies, including Toy Story 4. However, if the company did ever decide to do a Hocus Pocus sequel, the three Sanderson sisters would happily join in.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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