Sleepy Hollow: Heartless (Recap/Review)

Sleepy HollowAfter Katrina almost gave birth to Moloch in the previous episode of Sleepy Hollow, the Heartless episode reveals that Moloch is alive and that he is in our world. It seems that the Aurora Prism did not kill him, it only sent his energy somewhere else.

In order to keep developing his plan to bring Moloch into our world, Henry summons a very attractive young woman. Well, she is not so attractive anymore when she turns into some kind of a red monster and starts sucking life force from a men that she picked up in a night club. Abbie and Ichabod visit the crime scene and they immediately know that Henry had something to do with this. Katrina helps them with the investigation, however, Crane is very distracted when his wife is around. She starts getting some weird flashes and she sees Henry and a baby cradle, but she does not know what any of this means.

Meanwhile, the monster lady finds another victim and this time it is a woman. Katrina realizes that both victims were targeted for their vitae vis and that means that their attacker was a succubus. This is actually a creature that seduces its victims and then feeds off its life force. Succubus can see into people’s hearts and it is drawn to desire the way moths are drawn to a flame. The more secret is the desire, the stronger is the pull of the succubus, because secret desires burn brightest. Well, Hawley seems to be the succubus’ next victim, but Crane and Mills save him just in time, all thanks to Katrina, who was able to track the mystical energy of the succubus.

After Katrina has another vision of Henry and the cradle, she also sees the succubus this time. Apparently, the creature is collecting the life force from its victims in a bowl and Henry then pours it over the baby in the cradle. This means that Katrina can somehow see Henry in real-time and after she focuses on this visions, Katrina sees that the succubus is using the life force that she collected to nurture some sort of a creature. And not just any creature. It appears that the creature is the one that was inside Katrina – Moloch. So, Moloch is alive and he is in our world, which means that the Aurora Prism did not stop him, it only sent his energy some place else. Henry summoned the succubus to complete the process that started inside Katrina and Abbie tells Crane that his son will not be done until everyone is dead and the world is in flames. Well, Katrina believes that Henry’s soul is still alive inside of him and the two of them get into a pretty rough fight when when Abbie tells her that Henry is a problem, because she is a Witness and he is one of the Horseman of the Apocalypse. Crane stops the girl fight and she tells them that the three of them are more formidable than they have ever been.

Ichabod, Katrina and Abbie go to the archives to figure out the way to kill the succubus. The creature is called Incordata, aka the Heartless and it feels no desire of its own, so it hunts and consumes the desires of others. Another reason for its name is that it literally has no heart, because the organ is stored apart from its body. In order to destroy the creature, one must first find and extinguish its heart and only then the body can be killed. Since the heart would have to be on consecrated ground, like a church or a cemetery. Well, the cemetery is a pretty good place to hide stuff, so Abbie and Katrina go there to find the heart and destroy it with the immolation spell. Because this will then leave the body vulnerable, Ichabod decides to find the succubus and be ready to kill it when Katrina destroys the heart. However, because he has no idea how it looks like in a human form, Crane decides to take Hawley with him, since he can identify the creature.

Katrina and Abbie find the heart and together, they manage to destroy it. Meanwhile, Ichabod and Hawley find the succubus, but because they split up, Crane faces the creature alone. The succubus attacks him and starts taking his life force, however, Hawley comes in and they finally defeat the creature. After their mission is accomplished, Katrina tells Abbie that she will return to Abraham, because this is the only way to destroy Moloch. If she goes back to Abraham, Katrina will gain access to Moloch and she will strike him dead. Because Katrina knows that Ichabod will not agree with this, she asks Abbie to tell him about her plan.

The Heartless episode closes with Katrina, who returns to Abraham and Henry invites her to see the baby. Well, because she is wearing the necklace that allows her to see Abraham in human form, she also sees the baby as a human baby and not as the demon Moloch. Judging from the smile on her face, Katrina is delighted to see this baby, despite the fact that it is Moloch.

Ichabod and Abbie failed to stop Moloch from coming into our world and Katrina is now their only hope to stop him from rising. However, Crane’s wife desperately wants to be with her son and save him from evil that is growing inside of him, so it will be interesting to see how things will develop between her and her son in the upcoming episodes of Sleepy Hollow. Furthermore, the creators of the show indicated that Hawley has a crush on Abbie and since several viewers still hope to see her and Crane together one day, it would be an unexpected/unwanted twist if she and Nick would end up together, especially since he obviously had a relationship with her sister Jenny.

By: Janette Verdnik


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