Sleepy Hollow: Deliverance (Recap/Review)

Sleepy HollowSleepy Hollow is not slowing down and the Deliverance episode was without a doubt the most exciting episode so far in season two. The creators just keep on producing an intriguing content with intense stories with each episode that passes.

After Henry used the Jincan to create some sort of creepy spider in the previous episode of Sleepy Hollow, his new little friend goes straight into Katrina’s mouth while she is sleeping. When she wakes up, Katrina immediately knows that something is wrong and she begins to feel very sick. She tells Abraham that this is no ordinary illness, but before he can tell her that he did not do anything to her, Henry comes in with a couple of men and they want to take Katrina away. Henry tells Abraham that Moloch has a purpose for Katrina, however, the Headless Horseman tries to save his ex fiancé. With his help, Katrina manges to escape, but she ends up in a hospital, since her condition is getting worse.

Abbie and Ichabod soon find out what happened and they visit Katrina at the hospital. After she tells them what happened, Crane decides that they have to get her some place safe, because Henry will most certainly come after her. Katrina and Ichabod go into the archives and he asks his wife if she remembers anything about her attackers. She tells him that she saw a symbol with a goat with the Rod of Asclepius jutting from his head. Ichabod immediately remembers that this is the symbol of a bygone secret organisation, the Hellfire Club – the British society of scientists. They fought for evil to prevail in the war for independence and Benjamin Franklin infiltrated their ranks. According to Ichabod, this is how he obtained the key that allowed Abbie to escape from purgatory. Also, Franklin referenced an experiment about a woman, who was infected with a mysterious illness and she had symptoms similar to Katrina’s.

Meanwhile, Abbie follows the guys who were with Henry when he wanted to take Katrina away. She comes to some storage facility and she decides to enter, despite the fact that she has no backup this time. Abbie sees a tablet in a suitcase and as she is taking pictures, she makes some noise, so she has to escape quickly. Mills returns to the archives and as she updates Katrina and Ichabod, he takes a look at one of the books, because one picture that Abbie took catches his attention. According to this book, a vessel is experiencing high fever, blood pressure and increased heart rate. Speed of infection is consistent with successful inception and the delivery and the expiration of vessel is 10 to 12 hours. According to this book, Katrina is not ill, she is pregnant. Ichabod finds another section in the book that talks about the inception and apparently, the vessel is implanted with a birthing seed of Eastern origin, derived from a substance called Jincan. Katrina tells them that Jincan has been used for centuries by dark covens to grow demons and apparently, one is now growing inside of her.

Very soon, Henry’s men find them, but they manage to escape. They hide in the St. Henry Parrish church and the two witnesses start investigating. However, Katrina tells her husband that they must not give up on Henry, because deep down, there is still some goodness in him. So, Ichabod faces his son, but he is soon very disappointed, because Henry tells him that he chooses Moloch over his own mother. Also, henry drops a big bomb on his father when her tells him who is actually growing inside Katrina.

Abbie and Katrina are waiting for Crane at the church and Mills reads in one if the books that the demon that is growing inside her is called The Horrid King aka Moloch. Ichabod returns to the church and he tells Abbie that Henry told him about Moloch growing inside Katrina. Abbie is looking at the photo of the tablet that she took back at the storage facility and some green light on the photo catches Crane’s attention. He believes that this green light resembles the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. Franklin was obsessed with this phenomenon and he theorized that the aurora could banish demons from Earth. He even hid a message in one of his papers and when Ichabod breaks the code, he finds out that Benjamin Franklin built an aurora prism and he hid it inside the tablet that Abbie saw at the storage facility. If prism is exposed to sunlight, it projects an aurora and it banishes Moloch before he is even born. It appears that Katrina’s life might be saved after all and the two witnesses decide to get their hands on that tablet.

After Abbie and Ichabod manage to get the aurora prism, he exposes it to sunlight and Moloch is once again defeated. Katrina stops breathing and it looks like she is dead, but Ichabod manages to revive her. She is safe for now, but her husband is afraid that Abraham will come for her sooner or later.

Once again, the two witnesses managed to stop Henry’s plan and Moloch. However, it appears that Katrina still believes that Henry can become a god person and the Deliverance episode indicated that Ichabod is not really sharing the same thoughts with her about their son. He is more focused on preventing the upcoming Apocalypse and after his last conversation with Henry, he sees no good in his son. With another great episode, Sleepy Hollow yet again proved that it deserves to be considered as one of the best sci-fi shows ever.

By: Janette Verdnik


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