Same-Sex Marriage Ban in Kansas Ruled Unconstitutional

Same-Sex Marriage

Judge Daniel Crabtree handed down a ruling today in Kansas that the state’s same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional, making it the latest in a domino-like fall of similar statutes across the country. Weddings will not be immediately able to commence, as the judge has placed a hold on his ruling to allow for a possible appeal to the ruling from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Secretary, Dr. Robert Moser. Any such appeal will need to be filed before 5 pm local time on November 11 to be considered. Because the basis of the ruling is a 10th Circuit ruling which supports the right of any two individuals to marry regardless of gender, the success of any appeal is considered unlikely by many legal experts.

By Jim Malone

Huffington Post
Image courtesy of Alan C. – Flickr License

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