Google Secures Deal With Disney That Includes Apple

GoogleGaining the upper hand with both Google and Apple has been the bane of many companies trying to promote their electronic devices. Historically, both Apple and Google have not allowed their technology to be used on each other’s platforms. Now, however, Disney has secured a deal that includes both companies’ platforms and will be able to run on all devices, no matter which one a consumer uses. The deal to share digital content rights is an unprecedented move that has until now been unheard of. It enables consumers to now be able to buy a digital movie from either Google or Apple and watch it on the competition’s devices as well. Before, the user had to own the platform on which they had purchased the digital content, meaning that if they had bought it on their Apple TV, they could not later watch it on their Android tablet. Now, consumers can buy a digital movie on one platform and are no longer restricted to only watching it on the platform from which it was originally purchased.

Included in the deal secured by Google are all movies by Disney, Marvel and Pixar, which amount to 450 digital movie titles available to consumers of Apple and Google products. On top of that, Disney is guaranteeing that their movies will work on both Google and Apple devices. Nothing like this has ever happened to date. This is a very important step, as Android now makes up over 50 percent of the OS platform market in the United States. The deal that Disney secured with Google and Apple is sure to include a drastic shift in how the entertainment industry operates. A recent poll, conducted by Harris Interactive, shows that in every age group and gender groups, more and more people prefer to stay at home and watch movies than go out to a cinema. A report by The Motion Picture Association of America states that people who watch a lot of movies tend to also own multiple devices on which to watch their movies. Although owning or renting a Blu-ray or DVD is still the preferred way to watch movies, 16 percent of those aged 18-36 stated that they would rather buy streaming movies from Amazon or iTunes.

Until now, anyone who had bought a Disney digital movie had to own an Apple device on which to play their movie. The deal that Disney has secured with Google and Apple includes access for Disney to almost all the cell phones sold in the United States. Google gets a content deal that allows them access to some of the best films in the industry. This goes hand- in-hand with Google’s push to expand their Android platform to televisions. Google wants to be able to use their Chromecast streaming stick to stream content to the consumers’ television, much like how the Disney app works now. Experts are saying that the greatest benefit to the user is the ability to be able to use different platforms for the same movie which, coupled with the ability to buy a disc and know that it will work anywhere; so will Disney Movies Anywhere digital downloads work anywhere. However, products from Disney Lucasfilm, which Disney bought in 2012 for $4 billion, is not yet included in the list of movies available from Disney.

By Korrey Laderoute

The Wall Street Journal

Photo by Stewart Filmscreen – License