Sleepy Hollow: And the Abyss Gazes Back (Recap/Review)

Sleepy HollowSixth episode of Sleepy Hollow, titled And the Abyss Gazes Back, introduced yet another spooky character, however, this time it was not Moloch who sent the monster, it was Henry. The show is building on its tension from episode to episode and the viewers are anxiously waiting to see what will happen next.

After Ichabod found out that Katrina lied to him, Abbie tries to relax him through yoga. However, crane does not like it very much, so the two of them go for a drink instead. At the bar, Abbie stumbles upon Joe Corbin, who is actually Sheriff Corbin’s son. He just returned home from Afghanistan, where his entire platoon died. However, Joe obviously has some hard feelings against Abbie, because his father spent so much time with her, instead with his own son.

Later that night, Abbie and Ichabod respond to a dispatch call and they head over to the Pioneer Point. When they get there, they find two bodies and one of them has several organs ripped out. Crane finds Joe, who is alive, but he appears to be in shock. He tells Abbie that his dad knew everything and that they will all die. However, Joe later pretends that he does not remember saying this.

Mills and Crane are looking for more information at the archives and Ichabod mentions how strange Joe’s behaviour is. Ichabod is convinced that Joe knows something and as Abbie looks at his file, they discover that the source of the attack on his platoon is unknown. Furthermore, one of the bodies was hollowed of its organs. It appears that the monster takes human organs or consumes them.

Crane tells Mills that in 1778, a Shawnee tribe engaged in a hunting expedition, led by a very close friend of Ichabod, Daniel Boom. In present time, Daniel is often remembered as the guy with the raccoon on his head, according to Abbie. Well, Daniel’s brother, Squire Boone, suffered from nostalgia after the winter at Valley Forge. Crane explains that nostalgia is when a soldier loses the ability to see anything beyond the horrors of war and Abbie tells him that this is now called the post-traumatic stress. According to Crane, Valley Forge turned god men into beasts. Some even stooped to cannibalism in their desperation. Rumours told that Squire Boom was among them and he even attacked his own brother. So, the “guy with the raccoon on his head” only wore it to cover the scars. Daniel lived with the Shawnee for a year, believing they held the cure to his brother’s aliment. He once told Crane about what he believed to be the origin of his brother’s affliction: “Curse of the Wendigo.” This monster – Wendigo, is a skin-walker from Shawnee and Algonquian legend, which possesses both human and bestial attributes and partakes in the act of cannibalism. Wendigo’s feeding is triggered by its lust for human blood and once the appetite is triggered, the transformation begins. The beast can apparently only return to human form after the consumption of human organs. And that obviously means that Joe Corbin is the Wendigo.

After they discover the truth about Joe, Abbie and Ichabod go to his house. Joe is not there, but they do find his father’s testament in which Corbin wrote to his son that there is much about this world that he does not know about. Sheriff Corbin also left some items to his son, who now needs to protect them, since his father is gone. Obviously, Corbin left some code for his son, but Ichabod cracks it and it appears that it contains the longitude and latitude, which pinpoints at the Pioneer Point. Abbie immediately realizes that Joe was not in the woods the other night as a Wendigo, who was looking for prey, he was searching for something. And his father was the one, who led him there.

When Mills and Crane arrive to the Pioneer Point, Joe is already there, digging. However, he starts running when he sees the two witnesses and as Crane almost catches him, he falls and cuts himself. Joe’s transformation is triggered and he tells Ichabod to run. Well, Abbie shots Joe a few times with tranquilizer and he falls asleep. Mills calls Hawley and asks him for help, since they need the cure asap. Joe is still in his monster form and Jenny brings him an organ that she stole from the Medical School. Joe transforms back and he tells Abbie that two weeks ago, in Afghanistan, he received a weird letter, covered in white powder. Crane immediately remembers that this is a human bone, crushed into a dust and hexed with black magic. Some Shawnee believed that this is how the curse originated. Well, the letter said that Joe has been cursed and the only way to end the curse was to deliver the item his dad left for him. There was no information on who send the letter, however, there was a return address for a place called the Frederick’s Manor. The gang now knows that Henry is the one who send that curse, but they have no idea why. However, he obviously desperately desires whatever is in that box and it must be a part of his bigger plan.

Crane opens the box and there is a bottle inside. According to Crane, this is Jincan, an incredibly powerful poison from southern China. The deadliest creatures are sealed in a solitary utensil and they devour one another until their banes are concentrated into a single toxin. Since Henry will soon realize that Joe is missing, he will come after them, so the gang must find the cure before Henry finds them. While she is looking for information on the cure, Abbie finds out that just like the cycle of the seasons, the Wendigo has four transformations and the last one is permanent. Since Joe already had three transformations, his next one will be eternal. Fortunately, Nick might know some Shawnee and as he agrees to ask them for help, Crane goes with.

Meanwhile, Abbie and Joe are sharing their memories of Sheriff Corbin, but Henry comes in. He manages to get his hands on the Jincan and he tells Joe that he will get his cure if he comes with him. Abbie tells Joe that Henry cannot be trusted, but he still goes with Parish. Well, Henry had no intention to save Joe, since he cuts his hand and Joe’s fourth transformation begins. Crane and Hawley manage to get the cure, but once they return with it, they are too late. However, there might still be hope for Joe, so the gang decides to go and find him. After some running and chasing, Crane successfully finishes the incantation, but Joe does not change. Well, Abbie believes that there is still hope, so she tells Joe to come back and he then starts transforming.

While the gang was busy with chasing and healing Joe, Henry paid another visit to Captain Irving, who is determined to find a way to get his soul back. Henry tells him that the only way to get it back is to kill someone – soul for soul. He even tells Irving that he should kill the guy who hit his daughter with a car and is also locked down in the psychiatric hospital. Irving replies that he will not kill for vengeance, because he is not a monster like Henry. Well, Parrish tells Irving that those, who fight monsters should see to it that in the process, they do not become one. When one gazes long enough into the abyss, the abyss gazes back. Later that day, Irving does attack the guy who hit his daughter with a car, but he then remembers Henry’s words and he realizes that this is exactly what he wants. Irving calls Abbie and he finally tells her that Henry owns his soul. Mills promises that they will find a way to get his soul back and Irving tells her that he trusts her.

Well, it is safe to say that the second season of Sleepy Hollow keeps on producing stories with intriguing content. It is very refreshing to see how the creators pack history and action together, but at the same time, with some intermezzo clips, the show manages to make people laugh. In this particular episode, Ichabod first tells Abbie how video games miss the purpose of relaxation. However, at the end of the episode, Crane is sitting behind the computer and he is actually playing a video game. Sleepy Hollow is most definitely a show with great potential and it will be interesting to see how thing will develop in this second season.

By: Janette Verdnik


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