Sleepy Hollow: The Weeping Lady (Recap/Review)

Sleepy HollowThe second season of Sleepy Hollow keeps on producing great stories with each episode and The Weeping Lady episode was no different. Not only did Henry disobey Moloch, his actions almost lead to Katrina’s death and the big boss was not too happy about it.

Fifth episode of Sleepy Hollow starts with Ichabod and a lady named Caroline, who apparently has a crush on him. After she starts seducing him, Crane makes it very clear that he is a married man. Caroline assumes that he is talking about Abbie, who comes visit crane and interrupts the awkward between her and Ichabod. Later that night, Crane pays Caroline a visit, because he wants to apologize for being such a douche earlier. After he leaves, Caroline hears someone crying in her apartment. As she comes to her living room, Caroline sees a spooky green eye glowing woman in black, who attacks her.

Caroline is found dead in the river the next day and Ichabod is devastated. After he and Abbie visit a teenage couple, who might have witnessed something, they find out that the kids are convinced that they heard the Weeping Lady there. This is actually a local legend about a ghost of a woman, who drowned in the Blind Brook River. According to the legend, she was jilted by her husband or lover, maybe both. In order to get more information about the Weeping Lady, Ichabod and Abbie go to the library. However, things get slightly out of hands, as Mills gets attacked by the Weeping Lady. Ichabod manages to pull her out of the hole, which was right in the middle of the library and Hawley saves her life as he gives Abbie mouth to mouth resuscitation.

According to the book, which Crane found in the library, the original tale about the Weeping Lady was written in 1779. When she discovered that her paramour has fallen for another woman, the Weeping Lady drowned herself. Her spirit now haunts the site of her tragic suicide and she is weeping in sorrow at the terrible lot life has dealt her. However, Ichabod is convinced that the lady is targeting the ones he truly and deeply cares about. When he sees a piece of black lace in Abbie’s hands, she tells him that this is from the Weeping Lady’s dress. It appears that this is a specific pattern, made from Scottish cotton with painstaking care. Ichabod tells Abbie that he saw this pattern before and that it belonged to a woman he knew many years ago. Crane was actually promised to this woman, named Mary Wells, but they never got married, since he was not in love with her. After Ichabod told her that he loves her like a sister, Mary wrote him a goodbye letter and Crane never saw her again. However, Mary was very possessive and jealous, so she could actually be the Weeping Lady, since she is attacking all the women in Ichabod’s life. In that moment, Crane realizes that he lost Katrina’s letter, which she sent him the other day. It probably fell into that hole when he was saving Abbie, so Katrina is now at the top of Mary’s hit list.

Abbie and Ichabod rush to save Katrina, but they are too late. Mary is already pulling her under the water, however, Katrina somehow manages to escape. The two witnesses find her in the woods and they tell her that this is actually Mary, Ichabod’s ex-fiance. Katrina tells them that the Weeping Lady was raised by very dark magic and she only knows one warlock who is powerful enough to accomplish it – Henry Parrish. However, Katrina can undo this work and send that poor woman’s soul to a better place. In order to accomplish the task, Katrina must also use the dark magic. If she wants to release Mary’s spirit, Katrina must risk her own and the only way for the spell to be achieved is if another which serves as an anchor to keep Katrina from losing her way. Abbie tells her that she will help, since there are no witches around at the moment. After they successfully cast the spell, Mary’s spirit is released. However, before she closes her eyes forever, she points at Katrina when Ichabod asks her what happened to her.

Ichabod immediately realizes that the whole story does not make any sense. Since Mary was so obsessed with him, she would never just leave him and return to England. Crane faces his wife, who is obviously hiding something and she tells him that Mary wrote her a letter, because she wanted to discuss something important. However, things did not end well. Mary started shouting at Katrina and as she wanted to attack her, Mary tripped on a root and she must have hit her head when she fell, because she died. Ichabod now realizes that Katrina was the one who wrote that letter and he is quite angry at his wife, since this is not the first time that she was not honest with him. It appears that the abyss between Ichabod and Katrina is getting deeper and their marriage may not survive after all.

The Weeping Lady closes with Henry and Moloch, who is very angry, because he wanted Katrina turned and not dead. He tells Henry that he is not making plans, he only follows the orders. According to Moloch, Katrina is the one of Hellfire Snards and a chosen vessel.

Despite the fact that the Weeping Lady was not a part of Moloch’s plan, it appears that the seed of doubt was successfully planted into Ichabod’s head, since he does not trust his wife as much as he did before. Next episode of Sleepy Hollow will air on FOX on Monday, Oct. 27 at 9/8 c.

By: Janette Verdnik


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