Sleepy Hollow: Go Where I Send Thee (Recap/Review)

Sleepy HollowThe fourth episode of Sleepy Hollow’s second season slowed things down a little bit, since the main focus was not on the Horseman of War nor the Horseman of Death this time. However, the Go Where I Send Thee was a great episode with another mythical creature successfully presented to the audience.

The episode opens up with a little girl, who looks to be in some kind of a trance. She sneaks out of the house in the middle of the night and she is following some music that is coming from the forest.

Meanwhile, Ichabod is having driving lessons with Abbie, who tells him that he has to master the skills from this era if they want to win the war. What she does not know is that Crane is one step ahead of her and that he actually knows how to drive. Mills discovers that as he gives her a bumpy and a wild ride on the parking lot. However, Ichabod tells Abbie that he knows the reason why she wants him to learn how to drive. She wants Crane to be prepared in case anything happens to her, but he tells her that nothing will happen to either of them. Their driving lessons are over when they receive an alert on a missing child- the girl who wandered off into the woods the other night.

The missing girl is Sara Lancaster and Abbie promises her mother Beth that they will do everything to find her. Crane and Mills head into the woods and soon, they come across a blood spatter. Abbie finds a hollow bone and Ichabod tells her that this is a flute, made out of bone. As he starts playing on it, Abbie falls into a trance and starts walking away. Crane notices that and he immediately knows that Sara was not lost, she was lured into these woods by a creature of legend. As it turns out, this instrument belongs to a Pied Piper.

After they record the music from the bone onto Abbie’s phone, she and Ichabod return to the woods where she will listen to the music and Crane will follow her. They are hoping that the music will take Mills to Piper’s lair, because it is a summoning spell. After a while, Ichabod sees someone behind the rocks and as they check it out, they find Nick Hawley. He tells the two witnesses that Sara is alive and that they still have the time to save her. It appears that he saw the girl while he was out on a job and Piper attacked him. Since Hawley was looking for the flute, Abbie asks him how did he know that Piper was going to strike that night. He tells her that it was Sara’s 10th birthday and that the Lancaster family is a part of an old legend.

Apparently, there has been a plague on the Lancaster family since its legend began in 1778. At that time, an entire garrison of redcoats was stationed in the family estate. However, they were too friendly with Daniel Lancaster’s daughters and he decided to take matters into his own hands. Daniel hired the Piper of legend that lured the British to their deaths. Since the killer had the speed to kill those men quickly, he probably gave his soul to a demon. However, Daniel betrayed him and because of that betrayal, every generation, the Piper supposedly lures a Lancaster girl into the woods when she turns ten, which is when her bones are the right size to make his instruments.

Crane, Mills and Hawley keep following the music and they soon discover Piper’s lair. They find Sara, who is still alive, however, they are not alone down there. Piper attacks Nick and he is moving very fast, so Hawley cannot defend himself. He throws a bomb and they all escape, but before they get out, Nick plants some explosive, which slows the Piper just enough, so that they can all run away. After they manage to save Sara, Abbie says that they will load up on ammo and come back to take the Piper down.  However, Hawley just wants the flute, since the two witnesses promised that they will give it to him if he helps them to save Sara. Crane and Milly are disappointed to see that he is not willing to help the anymore, so Abbie breaks the bone on half and tells Hawley that there was no way that she would give him a weapon that is so powerful.

Back at the archives, Abbie tells Ichabod that she saw no sign of relief on Sara’s mother face when they saved her. Crane decides to take a look at the history of the abductions in Lancaster’s family and he discovers that a girl from each generation indeed went missing, including Beth Lancaster’s sister Lucy. However, back in 1936, the Lancaster family recovered the abducted girl, but the other child in the family died suddenly of a mysterious fever. It looks like if the Piper is denied his price, all the children in the family die. Beth adopted four boys, because she wanted to avoid the plague on her family’s house, but then she gave birth to Sara. And the only way to save the other children was to sacrifice Sara.

When Abbie and Ichabod arrive to the Lancaster’s house, all of the boys are already being rushed into the hospital. It appears that Beth took Sara and she is supposed to meet with her husband at the hospital, however, the two witnesses know that this is not the truth. They go into the woods and they find Sara and her mother, who wants to make a trade with Piper. After a long conversation, Abbie successfully persuades Beth not to sacrifice her daughter and she promises that they will find another way. Crane goes into Piper’s lair and they fight. Piper almost defeats Crane, but Abbie comes to the rescue and stabs the creature.

Earlier that day Irving had some sort of flashback and he saw himself as the Horseman of War’s warrior. His eyes were all black and he was killing people like crazy.  So, Irving calls Henry and tells him that he does not need his services anymore. However, Irving still wants to know the truth and he asks Henry what does he want from him. Henry only replies that he should find Ezekiel 18:4 very enlightening and when Irving opens the Bible, he is shocked when he reads the line: “Behold, all souls are mine.” Irving recalls the moment when he signed the contract and now he knows that he signed it in blood and that Henry he took his soul.

It appears that Hawley found a buyer for the flute, despite the fact that it is in two pieces now. A man approaches him, takes the flute and tells Nick that the money is already on his bank account. Shockingly, the buyer is no one else than Henry, who crushes the flute into ashes and as he tastes it, he only says: “It is perfect.”

It is safe to say that Sleepy Hollow continues to produce great stories in its second season. The creators of the show are still packing the action, history and some funny Ichabod inserts into a whole, which literally glues the viewer in front of TV. Henry obviously has a larger plan in motion and the two witnesses better find some more allies, because the war seems to be approaching with full speed.

By: Janette Verdnik


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