Sleepy Hollow: Root of All Evil (Recap/Review)

sleepy hollowSleepy Hollow is building on the tension with each episode that passes. Root of All Evil is the third episode of season two and the creators brought a fresh face into the show. Nick Hawley is the newest addition to Sleepy Hollow and reportedly, he will stick around at least for the first half of the second season.

Root of All Evil starts with Abbie and Ichabod, who are trying to visit Irving in Tarrytown mental hospital. However, the two witnesses find out that Irving’s layer banned them from the visitations list. They are even more surprised when the receptionist tells them that this lawyer is no one else than Henry Parrish.

Mills and Crane follow Henry and they see him leaving the bank. Few moments later, they hear a gun fire and Abbie runs into the bank. One of the employers has a gun pointed in everyone at the bank as she demands money. Black shadow goes through her face and it seems like she is not quite like herself. Abbie tries to talk to her, but in the next moment, sheriff Reyes takes the shot and the bank employee is dead. As Abbie and Ichabod wonder what could have happened, since this lady really liked her job, the camera shows a man, walking from the bank as the black shadow goes through his face.

Abbie is back at the archives, where she is looking at the security footage from the bank. Ichabod soon joins her and as they watch the video together, something catches his attention. Henry came to the bank to change coins for cash, but as he leaves, the bank employee puts one of the coins into her pocket. Ichabod immediately remembers that he dealt with some strange coins in the past and he mentions Benedict Arnold, who betrayed his country and until today, Ichabod had no idea why. However, it seems like this coins have the power to turn people and this is exactly what happened to Arnold. Jenny also comes to the archives, since her sister managed to get her out of prison. In her conversation with Reyes, Jenny found out that she knew her mother, so she uses Abbie’s password and she takes a look at Reyes’ file. Jenny discovers that it is the new sheriff who put her mother into the mental hospital, however, she leaves quite angry when Abbie tells her that Reyes was just doing her job.

Before Jenny leaves the archives, she tells her sister that she should talk to Nick Hawley. Crane and Mills find him and they ask him about the coin, since he collects rare artifacts. Hawley wants to get paid for his information, but he agrees to help when he realizes that he will not get any money from the witnesses. Besides that, he does not want to miss an opportunity to get his hand on a magic coin. Nick tells them that this coin is from Tyre and Ichabod immediately knows that this is the Tyrian shekel. He remembers that there were 30 coins in the chest when Benedict Arnold opened it. 30 pieces of silver coins. According to the bible, Judas was paid with 30 silver coins when he betrayed Jesus. Their conversation is disrupted by an explosion and it turns out that it was caused by the man, who was previously walking out of the bank and whose face went all black.

In the meantime, Henry finds another victim and he plants the coin to Jenny. Hawley calls Abbie and when they meet, he tells her that Jenny is acting strange and that she stole a rifle from him. Mills immediately knows that her sister has the coin and that she is coming to kill her. However, Nick is wondering if Abbie knows how to protect herself after she takes the coin from Jenny. He takes Ichabod to the church and he tells him that consecrated glass is the only thing that protects against this coin. Nick retrieves a piece of this glass, while Ichabod keeps the priest occupied and makes a confession.

Abbie comes to the police station and she asks if Jenny was there. When she learns that she was not, she ask one of the police officers if she can track down Jenny’s car. It turns out that Jenny is headed to the woods where sheriff Reyes is hunting. Mills realizes that Reyes is the target, not her. The two witnesses and Hawley head into the forest and as they find Jenny, Abbie manages to reach to her sister and she talks her out of killing Reyes. The coin is in Nick’s hand now, who has it successfully neutralized between two pieces of concentrated glass.

Lieutenant Mills visits Reyes, who was looking for her and who has no idea that Jenny just tried to kill her. Much to Abbie’s surprise, sheriff hands over her mother’s file from Tarrytown mental hospital. As Mills reads it, she finds out that her mother was tormented and that demons followed her everywhere. She eventually killed herself because Moloch put her soul into darkness and she wanted to protect Abbie and Jenny.

Ichabod goes to Tarrytown and he visits the patient who he saw when he and Abbie came to visit Irving. However, it is just an excuse, since he finally manages to see the captain in the common room. Crane tells Irving that he should not trust Henry and he tells him who Parrish really is.

Once again, Sleepy Hollow offered another great episode. Things are slowly evolving and people will soon have to decide which side they will take in the upcoming war between good and evil. Despite the fact that Hawley seems to be the one, who they will be able to count on, the two witnesses do not quite trust him yet.

By: Janette Verdnik

Guardian Liberty Voice

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