Sleepy Hollow: The Kindred (Recap/Review)

sleepy hollowThe second season of Sleepy Hollow premiered with an explosive first episode and The Kindred episode was no different. The creators of the show are still successively combining action, history, drama and love elements into a unique and very intriguing story.

Headless Horseman brings Katrina into the woods where some kind of a scene is prepared. He puts Katrina into the coves and Henry appears. The Horseman of War tells his mother that they have to complete the ceremony. Katrina’s bond needs to be sanctified and this is the reason why the Headless Horseman brought her there. Henry cuts both Katrina’s and Horseman’s hand and as their blood mixes, Parish says that Katrina must be like the Horseman in every way. After that, he cuts her head off.

However, it seems like this was only a bad dream. As Ichabod wakes up, he tells Abbie that his is concerned because he may know what the Headless Horseman’s intentions with Katrina may be. Crane mentions the Codex Tchacos, which is one of the lost Gospels of the Bible. In one of Sheriff Corbin’s files, Ichabod found a reference to a chapter, which describes a ceremony, in which a harbinger of the apocalypse takes a human bride through a gruesome, binding ritual. This is exactly what Crane dreamed about and undoubtedly Abraham plans to do that with Katrina. In the past few days, Abbie and Ichabod managed to narrow down the search area and they are closing in on the Headless Horseman. Since Crane knew the Horseman as Abraham in the past, Abbie believes that he may be able to determine his exact location. Since a new Sheriff arrived into town as a replacement for Captain Irving, Abbie must go down to the Police station to meet her.

Sheriff Leena Reyes comes as a replacement for Capt. Irving, who is still in prison. It seems like she knows Abbie, since she responded to a few of the calls when the Lieutenant was just a small girl. Reyes plans on bringing some sanity back to the town and with everything that is happening in Sleepy Hollow, she has a difficult task ahead.

In the meantime, Ichabod remembered the day when Katrina accepted Abraham’s proposal at their estate in Willow Point. This place, which is now known as Dobbs Ferry, might be important to the Headless Horseman, since Katrina said yes to his proposal there and she was still his woman back then. Crane believes that the Horseman might be there, so the two Witnesses decide to take a closer look. As they arrive, everything for the ritual is already prepared and the Headless Horseman is there. However, even though Ichabod wants to run inside the house and save Katrina, Abbie tells him that this would be a suicide.

Abbie, Ichabod and Jenny start making a plan on how to save Katrina. Jenny’s attention is caught by a drawing inside the Codex Tchacos and Ichabod reads the explanation out loud. The drawing represents the Kindred, which is a creature, assembled from parts of deceased soldiers. It is a patchwork creation, believed to be a match for the Horseman of Death. The three of them look surprised and then Jenny mentions that she saw this drawing before, in Benjamin Franklin’s sketchbook. Crane says that Franklin was obsessed with death and this text details the founding father’s greatest experiment with death.

Back in Franklin’s time, the Horseman of Death took a lot of lives and general Washington allied with the Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart. The Sisterhood knew the spell to create the Kindred, who’s body is powerful enough to contain Death’s spirit. Benjamin Franklin was harvesting the limbs of fallen soldiers and he combined only the strongest pieces. The creators of Sleepy Hollow surely did a great job on putting Franklin into the role of Victor Frankenstein. However, once the body was put together, they failed to revive it, since they did not have the vital ingredient to complete the spell: a body part from the Horseman of Death. Luckily, the two witnesses have his head in their possession and since the gang now has the means, they can create a weapon of unearthly power. After a few disagreements, they realize that Kindred is their only option. Since Franklin conveniently prepared and preserved the body, all they have to do now is to retrieve the Horseman’s head and cast the spell.

Abraham is trying to turn Katrina against her husband by telling her that he saved Abbie instead of her. Katrina remembers the moment, when Ichabod promised Abbie that he will come back for her, however, she still believes in her husband.Since she knows what Abraham is up to, so she tells him that she wanted it to be him. She wanted to marry Abraham, but she needed time. And this is exactly what Ichabod gave her. Katrina tells Abraham that if he puts her through that ceremony now, he will have to live the rest of his life knowing that she is not really his. However, if he gives her time, she will eventually be ready and she will go through the ceremony by her own will.

Abbie visits Captain Irving in prison, because he is the one who hid the head and now they need it back. She tells him that he should tell the truth about what really happened, because it is better if they put him into Tarrytown mental hospital, since the visitation is easier there and the gang wants Irving close.

Jenny comes to the archives with a bag, full of weapons. However, just as she enters the room, sheriff Reyes comes there too. Jenny tells her that she came to see Abbie, but Reyes wants to see what she has inside her big black bag. As she opens it and sees all the weapons, Jenny gets arrested.

Crane and Abbie are in the tunnels, looking for Kindred’s body. Suddenly, a flock of bats appears and Abbie remembers her moment in purgatory, when the same thing happened in Moloch’s lair. She tells Ichabod that her faith in him is her greatest weakness and Crane realizes that his greatest weakness ins Katrina. However, even though he is a Horseman of War now, Henry is his weakness too. The two witnesses find the body, which Abbie addresses as the Franklin-stein’s monster.

Henry is adding some kind of a small needle on his pen. He obviously has a plan with this pen, since he looks very pleased with himself when he successfully adds the needle. After that, his eyes get all black and the figure in shiny armor appears. Since Henry controls it with his mind, he must have a reason for waking it up.

Ichabod and Abbie are ready to cast the spell, but they need to hurry up, because they are near the Headless Horseman’s house, who can feel the presence of his head. Crane reads the spell, but it does not work. The night is falling and Headless is coming after the witnesses. Ichabod tries to cast the spell again and this time it works. The Kindred starts fighting with the Headless Horseman and Crane runs inside the house to save Katrina. However, she tells him that she will stay, because Abraham will go after her and many people could die. Katrina tells her husband that a plan for Moloch’s arrival is in motion and if she stays, she may be able to find out what the plan is. In the meantime, Abbie is attacked by the Horseman of War’s figure in armor and the Kindred saves her. Crane kisses his wife goodbye and leaves her there.

Captain Irving is now a patient in Tarrytown mental hospital and he is just about to receive an electroshock treatment. Sheriff Reyes pays him visit and tells him that he knows more about what is happening in Sleepy Hollow. Irving says that he used to be like her, but he saw things which changed him. In the next moment, his new lawyer arrives: Henry Parish. Captain does not know who he really is, so he welcomes him with open hands. Parish gives him some papers to sign and as Irving takes the pen, the small needle stings his finger and his blood flows into the pen. The last thing that the viewers can see is how Irving sings the documents with his own blood. And now they know what Henry planned with his pen.

The Kindred was a great episode, with some unexpected twists. A new sheriff came to Sleepy Hollow, Jenny got arrested, Katrina decided to stay with Abraham and the two witnesses now have a very strong helper. A helper, who may turn the tables and who may be of a great assistance in the future.

By: Janette Verdnik

Guardian Liberty Voice

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