Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Premiere: This Is War (Recap)

sleepy hollowSeason 2 premiere of Sleepy Hollow was one of the most anticipated premieres this fall. As season 1 ended with some huge cliffhangers, the viewers had no idea what to expect when the show returns. Abbie was stuck in purgatory as she traded places with Ichabod’s wife Katrina and Crane was then buried alive by the Horseman of War, who is otherwise known as his son, Jeremy. Katrina was then taken captive by the Horseman of Death, who is also known as the Headless Horseman or, in his human form, Abraham, Katrina’s ex fiancé. Abbie’s sister Jenny was heavily injured in a car crash, caused by the Headless Horseman and Captain Irving was arrested for murder.

The second season of Sleepy Hollow starts with Ichabod and Abbie, who made a little surprise party for his birthday. During their conversation, the viewers find out that a year has passed since the events in the finale of season 1 and both Katrina and Jenny are dead. Abbie receives a call and they have a case, which requires their attention. A history teacher believes that he is in danger and as the two witnesses arrive, the teacher is already dead. Since he is beheaded, they believe that the Headless Horseman is back. As they look through the papers on his desk, they find out that the teacher was doing research on Benjamin Franklin. However, Abbie and Crane have no idea what the Headless Horseman was looking for. Ichabod then finds a hidden drawer and some papers inside it. As he reads them, he finds out that the Horseman was looking for some kind of key.

Ichabod remembers how he helped Franklin with his experiments on electricity in the past, however, Benjamin did not do an experiment on electricity at all, he was trying to destroy that key with the fire from the heavens. When his experiment failed, Benjamin said that the key has to be secreted away. As Abbie goes through his notes, she finds out that Franklin referred to the key as the Gehenna key. Ichabod immediately remembers that the word Gehenna also means purgatory and it seems like this key can open the door between worlds. Which means that this way, the rule of one soul replacing another, can be broken. However, this also means that Moloch can leave purgatory, since he is the guardian and the same rule applies to him.

The two witnesses are trying to find out where the key is hidden, in order to prevent Moloch from coming to Earth. As they hold Henry captive, they decide to ask him for help. He tells them that the papers reveal no location of the key and he tells Abbie that he can try reading her sins, since Corbin sent her sister Jenny to Philadelphia to retrieve Franklin’s sketch book, which may contain the location of the key. Abbie tells Ichabod that they need to speak in private and as they go into another room, Crane realizes that he is losing his memories about the past year. The same thing starts happening to Abbie and the next thing they see is Henry, freeing himself from the coves. He tells his son that this was their final mission and thanks to the witnesses, they now know how to find the key. With Jenny’s help. Abbie realizes that they are still in purgatory and that this was all just an illusion.

Henry captures Jenny and he wants her to tell him about the key. When she refuses, he reads her sins and he sees some codes, which have to be deciphered in order to get the location of the key. Henry then gives an order to let Jenny live until the key is in their hands.

Ichabod is back in his coffin, buried by his own son. He is trying to get out and some dirt falls on his face. As he tastes it, he realizes that it is sulfur. Crane makes a bomb and very soon, he is a free man again.

Katrina is now a prisoner of the Headless Horseman, who finally got his ex fiancé back. He unties her and he offers her some food, but Ichabod’s wife has no intention on staying there. She stabs the Horseman and tries to escape, but she fails.

Abbie is alone in purgatory and she meets Brooks there. He is trying to protect and hide her, but when she sees that Moloch is creating a demon army, she decides that she needs to warn Ichabod. Brooks decides to help her and he takes her to the place where Katrina communicated with the two witnesses.

Ichabod calls Jenny, who manages to untie herself, but she misses his call. She texts him the location of where she is being held and Ichabod comes to her rescue. As they are driving away, Crane explains everything about the key and he tells Jenny that this is a way to save her sister. As they go through the Franklin’s sketch book, which was hidden by Jenny, they realize that it is written in Benjamin’s alphabet. However, Ichabod understands it and he decipher the message. Franklin wrote that he left the key with the only person he trusted. Himself. Despite the fact that he is not buried in Sleepy Hollow, Jenny has an idea where to look.

Brooks takes Abbie to Moloch’s lair and tells her that this is the place where Katrina communicated with them, because there is a mirror inside, which is capable of reflecting the outside world. Abbie enters and she successfully reaches Crane, who promises to come back for her.

Jenny and Ichabod realize that Henry also deciphered the code, since Moloch’s followers are already at the location. But Crane remembers that Franklin always made riddles in threes. The first was decoding his alphabet. The second was the clue to the location of the statue. And since this is the only statue of Franklin in Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod remembers something that Benjamin said to him once. He said that the key to success lies under the alarm clock. As Jenny and Crane turn around, they see the building with a clock. As Ichabod removes a brick with Franklin’s initials, he finds the key. He and Jenny go to the place where Crane enters purgatory, in order to save Abbie.

Back in purgatory, Abbie is looking for Katrina’s amulet, which protects her from Moloch, but Ichabod is already there. He offers her a drink and as she almost drinks it, another Ichabod appears. Abbie runs away with the real Ichabod, but she realizes that this Crane is also not the real one, as he says “Lieutenant” instead of “Lef-tenant”. She beheads him and the real Ichabod finally appears. The two witnesses successfully escape from purgatory and as soon as they exit, the key turns into ash.

Henry meets with Moloch and he tells him that the key is destroyed. However, Moloch sends a figure in shiny armor, which represents the Horseman of War and he says that Henry can use his soul to control it.

It seems like the Apocalypse is really coming to Sleepy Hollow and the war between good and evil has begun.

By: Janette Verdnik

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