The Voice on NBC: Battle Rounds Night #2 [Recap & Video]

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On The Voice on NBC tonight, it is just an hour episode, but it was an entertaining and tension-filled one as the four coaches pitted their team members against each other. The winner of the individual Battles then get to move on to the next phase of the season, the Knockout Rounds. The loser of each round, on the other hand, got sent home or got stolen by one of the other coaches.

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, introduced the four coaches and briefly recapped all of the excellent singing and action from last night. Tonight, there promises to be a lot more great singing and difficult choices for the coaches to make as they whittle down their teams to create the best teams that they can.

The first two singers on The Voice who went head-to-head against each other on the Battle Rounds Night #2 were from Team Pharrell Williams. Taylor Phelan sang in a head-to-head Battle Round against Jordy Searcy, singing Breakeven by the Scripts. They both got some last-minute advice from Pharrell and Team Pharrell’s mentor, Alicia Keys.

The Battle Round was an exciting one, with both competitors being pretty evenly matched. They both played the guitar as they sang. The audience really got into the song, and clapped along as Taylor and Jordy gave it their all. They harmonized very well together.

Gwen said “That was class. I got so lost in your singing.”

Adam said he liked Taylor’s stage presence, so went with Taylor.

Blake also picked Taylor.

Pharrell had a difficult decision to make, but he said “The winner of this Battle is…Taylor.” Though Jordy was also great, no coach used a steal up, wanting to save them for later.

After a commercial break, The Voice returned and it was time for the second couple of the evening to do Battle against each other. From Team Adam, Alessandra Castronovo went head-to-head against Joe Kirk as they both sang Stay by Rihanna. First, though, Adam Levine and his team’s mentor, Fleetwood Mac’s amazing singer, Stevie Nicks, offered tips to Alessandra and Joe.

They both ROCKED the song out, making it a very difficult decision for Adam as to who the winner was and who he will send home. Alessandra began the song — she has a very beautiful voice and the song was perfect for her. Joe Kirk did extremely well, also, making for yet another tough choice for Adam Levine.

Blake said “What Joe Kirk did might be the most perfect vocals I’ve ever heard.”

Pharrell said “I don’t know who I’d give it to — Alessandra, I saw a diva on the stage.”

Gwen said “I have no idea who Adam will pick. I was really moved and inspired.”

Adam said “The winner of this Battle is…the winner of this Battle is Alessandra.” Joe Kirk was up to be stolen, but once again, none of the other coaches used up a steal on him.

Adam Levine had two more members of his team compete head-to-head against each other next on The Voice. The two competitors were Rebekah Samarin and Clara Hong, and they went into the Battle Round singing the old standard, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. They, as well, got a lot of great advice from Adam and Stevie Nicks that served them well when they finally competed against each other.

They both nailed this song, bringing a lot of emotion and heart to it. The audience clapped along as they sang. After the other coaches offered their input, the decision was all Adam’s. He said that Rebekah Samarin was the winner of the Battle Round. Clara Hong is a great singer and probably should have been stolen, but for the third time tonight, no coach used up a remaining steal to get her on his/her team.

After more commercials on The Voice, Team Blake had two back-to-back Battle Rounds involving his team members. The team members that did Battle received terrific advice from both Blake and his team’s mentors, Little Big Town.

First off, Grant Ganzer and John Martin sang the song Blake had chosen for them, Stop and Stare. Blake chose Grant as the winner of the Battle Round and sadly, nobody stole John Martin.

Then, after more commercials on The Voice, it was time for the second pair from Team Blake to perform. They were team members Justin Johnes and Tanner Linford and the song that Blake chose for them to sing was You & I. They were both amazing, their voices soaring to the rafters.

After hearing input, once again, Blake Shelton faced a tough decision about which one to keep on his team. Blake said “The winner of this Battle is…Tanner Linford.”

Team Gwen had the last two singers of the night on The Voice going head-to-head against each other, Menlik Zergabachew and Troy Ritchie. Gwen chose the song Maneater for them to sing.

“Their voices have character and uniqueness, so I thought it would be a great pairing,” Gwen said. Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of Bush, and Gwen’s husband, is Team Gwen’s mentor. Gwen told the pair that “The song was originally a Reggae song.”

“The tone needs to be kept dark,” Gavin told them.

“Whoever can get it up there and make it seem really natural,” Gwen said, “will be the one who wins the Battle.” Then, The Voice went to yet another commercial break.

When The Voice came back from the break, Carson introduced Troy and Menlik and the Battle Round was on! Menlik began the song, and Troy did the next lines of it. Menlik did the first chorus lines, then Troy repeated them. They sounded very good together singing this classic Hall & Oates song.

“That’s some good singing! Great job!” Carson said.

Adam told them “You guys made it great! This was much more self-assured. I was a moron for not turning for Troy.”

Blake said “I really love that song so much! This has been the best Battle of the day, as far as I’m concerned.”

Pharrell said he was proud of both of them.

Gwen said “I’m so in love, Troy, with your voice. It was such a perfect song for you. Menlik, tonight you really let loose. If I had to go with the name of the show, The Voice, I’d have to say the winner of this Battle is…Troy.”

Carson said that Menlik is available for the steal, and two coaches pushed their buttons to steal him — Adam and Pharrell.

Adam said “I think we can accomplish a lot of great things together.”

Pharrell said “If you go with Adam, I’ll be hurt, but either way, I’d like to have you on my team.”

Menlik said “I’m going to have to go with Pharrell.”

Pharrell said “I love Menlik’s tone. Anything we do, will be Reggae-influenced.”

Carson Daly said that the Battle Rounds on The Voice will continue next Monday. Tonight’s episode was terrific, but next Monday, it looks like the Battle Rounds will reach an entire new level of excitement. There have been awesome performances the past two nights — now, the countdown begins! Next Monday, there will be many more great Battles to look forward to viewing, so be sure to tune in and watch!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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  1. Sinatrasmom   October 15, 2014 at 8:38 am

    I HATE that they didn’t show all the battles, but simply announced who the winners were. That seems so unfair to the contestants whose battles we didn’t get to see.


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